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'Push' in 2014: A OLW Update

This time last year I started thinking about the word that I wanted to focus on for 2014. I chose the word 'push' because I didn't feel like I was getting as much out of life as I thought I should be getting. 

Push 2014 OLW Update

I'm glad I made that choice. 

One year later and I'm significantly happier than I was last year and I feel it's all due to that one little word. 

So I wanted to talk about some of the ways that I've pushed myself in 2014. 

First up, school. I've been in school for the entire year. Spring, Summer, Fall, and I'm currently looking at the list of available classes for the Winter quarter. I've been pushing myself to get done with school. Realizing that graphic design wasn't what I truly wanted to do with my life during the last semester of the program was a slight setback, but it only allowed me to come to grips with the fact that I was a fashion girl and nothing was going to stop me of being envious of the students in that particular program, unless I myself became one as well. I've mentioned that it was one of the best decisions of my life and I maintain that. 

Next, that stupid depression affliction that previously plagued my life. I knew something was off. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I'm constantly posting positive messages and affirmations. Finding out who Norman Vincent Peale is has helped tremendously in that aspect. Positive thinking and positivity training has kept me out of those dark pits even when I was on the verge of heading back in that direction. Thank goodness for cognitive behavioral therapy. 

Next up, work. I had been working at my previous job for five years and I didn't see myself moving up any further than where I had gotten. I was working from home which had it's perks but I was unfulfilled. I sat in front of my window everyday literally watching the day go by. Were it not for a chance decision I would probably still be there.

The store manager at one of my local Starbucks had been trying to recruit me for a year or so. Soon, a whole new set of employees were at my normal location which left me wondering where everyone had gone. Total kismet that I decide to go to another location after getting off the train and low and behold that's where they had all gone. He looked at me and said, "I know you hate your job now. Put in an application. The job's yours." That's what I did and I have no regrets about it. I have love for each and every one of my partners. I've never been one to say this but "Teamwork makes the dream work" comes out of my mouth at least once a week now. 

Lastly, another area where I think I've really pushed myself is in the people / personal connections department. In the Spring Semester I joined the Literature Club at school and even became the club's Historian for the semester. I've met some really great people through the club, one of which has become one of my closest friends.

Also, there was a guy who I deemed Cute Headphone Guy, CHPG for short. After months of having a crush on him, I finally decided to tell him that I thought he was handsome, with some elbowing from said Lit Club friend, but I failed to ask his name. I kind of ran away like a five-year old as soon as I told him. Then after completely regretting not getting his name and kicking myself in the butt repeatedly for it, I finally had the chance to ask when I saw him on the train. I kind of did it in a creepy fashion but we all know I like the direct approach. Whatever. It works for me. We've been talking and hanging out ever since. 

Tweet: "Life is about courage and going into the unknown."

I like that I chose 'Push'. I think I want to keep 'Push'. Except I want to push harder in 2015. I want to check off more than a handful of items off my list. I want to add more to my list. I want to more experiences. I want MORE from life. 

The other day he was trying to explain Qi to me, and he asked if I had ever been *SO* inspired by a movie that it left me with boundless energy and made me feel like anything was possible. At the time I said no, but the next day I had remembered the feeling I had got when I saw 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'. He reminded me of my One Little Word and reinspired me. I've got a new fire under me to continue crossing out and adding new items to my adventure list. 

'Push' has been a good word for me this year. So I'm still on the fence about keeping it or going for 'Harder', as in 'Push Harder'. Truthfully, I still like 'Push'. I may just keep it. 

XO Amanda

Amanda ❤
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