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The Story of Gin: How We Adopted a Stray


In the October 2015 Currently I mentioned that I was trying to convince someone to get a kitten. That someone was CHPG. He mentioned that he wanted to get a kitten because he wanted some company over at his place. He was up in the air about it because he lives on his uncle's property and his uncle didn't want him having any pets. So he wanted one, but he knew he couldn't have one. 

I was over at his house one evening when we decided to go get something to eat. We got to the corner and all of a sudden CHPG said, "Did you see that?" "See what?" I said, as he was pointing towards the corner store. 

"You didn't see it?" "Obviously not. What?!" "Let's just pretend we're going to get something." Then we crossed the street to go into the store. 

As soon as I stepped in, there he was. Tiny and scared. He was shaking and meowing. Fit in the palm of my hand and had dirt crusted on him. It all happened so quick. I saw him. I bent down. He came towards me, meowing. I picked him up. And we had a kitten. Literally. 

It turns out that what CHPG had seen was this kitten walking into the corner store and he wanted to know if I'd seen it. He knows I have a soft spot for animals and he's been witness to me just stopping to pet a stray cat or someone's dog here and there. 

Well, I picked him up and my heart melted. I knew immediately that come hell or high water there was no way this cat was going to go back on the streets. I told CHPG that we should still go get something to eat, but that I was going to bring the kitten along, so we did. Along the way, he started getting attached to this little kitten, and I kept telling him "We have a cat now." Either he was going to keep the kitten, even though he couldn't, or I was going to keep the kitten, even though pets aren't allowed in my apartment either. 

Soon after, CHPG asked me to google what 'Silver' was in Japanese. Turns out, it's 'Gin' (with a hard 'G', not with a 'J' sound like the alcohol.)  When he asked that, I knew he was in and that he wanted to keep it. 

That first night also comes with a funny story. After getting food for ourselves, we went back to the corner store to get Gin some food, shampoo and a temporary litter box. We fed him, gave him a bath, let him figure out his surroundings for a bit, and then went to sleep. In the middle of the night, he wakes up crying and I figure that maybe he had to use the restroom and didn't want to poop where he sleeps. 

So CHPG took him to the bathroom where for 10 minutes or so, he waited for Gin to use the restroom. Well, as all new environments go, he had to take his time to figure out where he was. CHPG thought it was a fluke that he didn't have to go, and so as soon as he put Gin on the bed, he took the smelliest, watery poop right on the sheets. Literally, as soon as he set him on the bed and moved his hand away, Gin was squatting and you better believe I was laughing. If he'd waited 5 more seconds, he could have avoided this. 

The next day, we took him to the vet to see if he was sick or if he had worms. Turns out, he was in really good shape to have been a stray kitten. We got his preliminary shots done, along with deworming, and flea treatment, and we decided that we wanted him to get accustomed to being outside and traveling. 

I know it sounds a little weird to hear but we share "custody" of him. Hahahaha. Gin stays at CHPG's house but I'll take him on certain weekends when I want him, or when CHPG's out of town, like this past Thanksgiving weekend. He's like our kid, really. 

The thing about finding Gin though is that he needed us just as much as we needed him and I'm so glad we found him. That's how we got our cat, and now's he's the most spoiled thing ever. Hahahaha. 

Amanda ❤
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