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If you follow me on Instagram, which you totally SHOULD be doing, you'd know that I'm just a teensy-tiny bit obsessed, and in love with my cat Max. So I wanted to share the story of how he came about. But first, you need to know the story of Gin. Go ahead and click the link to read that first. 

So after having Gin for a few months and coparenting him, yes we did that. But since I picked him up initially for Bub, that meant that he was always at Bub's house. Soon I started getting sad when I would have to come home. I wanted a baby to cuddle with me at night and who just wanted ALL of the cuddles. At first, the idea of getting a second cat (for myself) was just a joke. We're not allowed pets in my building but a girl can dream, right?

But even in my joking, I was very specific about what I wanted. I wanted an orange and white girl tabby. Girl mostly because at the time we still didn't know whether or not we wanted Gin to father a litter, and I had had an orange and white tabby when I was younger named Garfield. Logic, amirite? Anyway, in my head I made up an elaborate tale of Gin and my imaginary tabby being boyfriend and girlfriend and having beautiful babies and we'd all be a big ol' family. Hahahahaha. 

Well soon the joke started to become real. I REALLY wanted a baby of my own to cuddle with. 

Well, one night Bub told me that there was a cat at his cousin's church who had just had a litter of kittens, and one of them was an orange and white tabby. He wanted to know if I wanted one. YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! You don't have to ask me twice, YES! 

Well, the cat had just had the kittens and so the owners of the cat wanted to wait a few weeks  so that the mother could take care of them. Well, a couple of weeks pass and I'm at Bub's house. His cousin asked him to come help her fix something at her church. I waited for him to come back by doing homework and watching Netflix. A couple of hours later he called to tell me he was on his way back home. 

The sun had set and I'm incredibly lazy so I was watching Netflix in the dark when he got back home. He told me to close my eyes as he turned on the light, so I obliged. When he told me to open them, he was standing in front of me with TWO new babies. The one I had been waiting for, and a new one for him.  Baby-Max-April


After a few days of trying to figure out a name for him, I was listening to Bub playing a video game when I heard, "MAX AMMO!" It was settled, my new baby's name was Max Ammo. His sister was named Liona. 

He stayed with Bub for the first few months as I tried to see if I could bring him home with me. Plus, he was still so attached to Liona and we kind of didn't want to break that up so early. It was adorable. They had each other meanwhile Gin wanted nothing to do with either of them. Gin eventually got used to them and soon became protective of them. During that time we thought we had figured out his personality. He was aloof. Shy. He was picky. He wanted affection but only on his terms. He didn't want you to touch him, but if you held out your hand he would rub himself against it. 


Finally, I was able to bring him home with me in late September, and what we thought we knew about him completely changed. Back at Bub's house we would have never been able to pick him up since he would always run. At my house, he wanted all the affection. Even now when I get home he does nothing but cry and rub himself against me because he's so happy that I'm home. I got what I wanted. I got my baby who would sleep with me at night and loved all the cuddles and kisses.


Now at this point, everyone tells me he's the most spoiled cat alive, which I doubt, but I do love him so much. Especially when he looks at me so adoringly like the apple of his eye. He gets new toys about every month and even though he hates it, I buy him sweet little clothes and costumes. But I really just love it when I'm laying down in bed and he comes and curls right up on my right shoulder and starts purring. It's the BEST feeling ever. I always joke that if I feel like this for a cat, I can only imagine how I'm going to feel if and once I finally have an actual child. 

And now you know the story of Max Ammo. ☺️

Amanda ❤
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