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Photo A Day 2017 Week 2

Photo A Day 2017 Week 1

Earlier this week I decided that I needed to start using my dSLR more often so I've been lugging it around with me for the past week. And I'll be honest, it's been so long that I've actually taken photos with it that I've almost forgot to take photos on a couple of days, but I'm slowly getting back into it. So bear with me for the first couple of weeks as I get a handle on taking photos again. Honestly, this Mental Floss article was the inspiration behind picking up the camera again. So every Monday, I plan to show you my week in photos. I don't intend to post the stories behind them or any other notes, just photos for the sake of photos. 

So here's to week one being down and 51 weeks more to go! 

Palm Trees; California; Sunshine

Birds of Paradise

Hollywood; Villa


Max Ammo; Girl and Cat


Max Ammo; Orange Tabby

Latte Art; Barista; Starbucks

Amanda ❤
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