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Why I'm Recommitting to Beachbody

I've been away from Beachbody for a while now but lately I've decided that maybe this is something that I can get back into and do, so I've come back. It's always been something that I find myself coming back to time and again, especially Tony Horton. But every now and again I'll do a Shawn T program. Obviously I love their products. Whether it's the programs, shakeology, or their portion control boxes. When I first started out, it was never really about losing weight. It was more about being stronger and fit, and that's what I want to make it again. I haven't had a solid workout routine since I finished swimming last year and so I was looking for something that I could incorporate back into my life. Cue working out in the convenience of my house, in clothes that made me feel comfortable and not having to wear shoes. (I don't like to wear shoes for most of my workouts.) 

Before, I was content with being the discount coach. But now that I have loftier dreams of changing the world. That also includes helping people. What can I say? I guess that's part of being an INFJ. So on top of seeing posts about regular beach type style, be prepared to see posts about health and fitness as well. It is a lifestyle blog after all. This is all encompassing. 

If you watched the video, thanks for taking the time to do that, I appreciate it! 

Amanda ❤
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