Majestic Temptation- A Tracking Diary - Predictions

Hey Bears! 

It's finally here! The last installment of this project. If you're new to this place, I'll give you a little background. I'm studying fashion merchandising and one of our projects this semester was to find a trend in a magazine, and track it for the next couple of months to see how it progressed within the fashion cycle. Was it a fad? Did it evolve into something else? Did it die, or is it still going strong? You can view parts 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

The trend I chose to follow was serpent styled jewelry based off of this ad

 Original adImmediately, I realized that not only did the trend stay in Jewelry, but jumped to accessories such as scarves and shoes and then subsequently on to apparel. 

The motif originally caught my eye back in September during the Mara Hoffman show during New York Fashion Week. Then  I saw that ad in the September issue of Vogue and I knew I had something. 

I've watched the trend climb from introduction in September, to rise in October, and to culmination in November as far as ads go. There were more ads in September for snake skin/print items than there were in November and December's issues of Vogue and InStyle. But the type of coverage has increased. It went from solely ads to small features and editorial coverage in both publications which probably means that it's passed the persuasion stage for some fashion editors based on Roger's Mechanism of Diffusion model. 

The 'Persuasion' step in this model is defined in the following way:

A person forms an opinion about the product. They may be persuaded by the opinion of others. It is of interest to them, they might begin to desire the product and persuade themselves that it is suitable, useful, or a good investment. 

As far as what I've personally seen in retail stores and out on the street though, this trend is still on the rise. The people that I've seen wearing this trend have been the early majority. 

As a prediction though, I think we'll be seeing more of this trend come Spring, since Diane Von Furstenberg cited snakeskin as an inspiration for her Resort 2014 line and the Mara Hoffman pieces are for Spring 2014. 

And maybe it's me and the fact that I've been tracking this trend, but I'm sort of over it. I guess one would call it overexposure and I can't wait to open up the December issue of Vogue again but this time with a new set of eyes, and not glossing over it to find serpent styled jewelry or snake skin/printed items. 

So there we have it. The end of my tracking diary project. 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

Majestic Temptation- A Tracking Diary Part 4

Hey Bears! 

December is the last tracking part of this project and I'm here with this month's magazine coverage. As far as Vogue and InStyle are concerned, the amount of ads containing serpent styled items has decreased although there is still some coverage out there. I didn't see any ads for serpent style jewelry, or snake skin/printed items but there were some small features in both magazines. 

First up, InStyle. 

This month they did a small feature about Louis Vuitton's new Eyeline pump. 

LV eyeline heels IS

Another small feature including the original item that inspired this project, the Bulgari Serpenti watch. 

Bulgari Serpenti watch IS

And for Vogue, a Stella McCartney snake-print Jacquard jacket and matching trousers were featured in the "Dressing Like Dickens" editorial. 

Dickens editorial Vogue

And that's it. The amount of exposure has decreased but the type of exposure has increased. I went from solely seeing ads regarding this trend to seeing small features and editorials. Maybe this is the proverbial calm before the storm when  Spring comes and there's snake skin/print, serpent styled jewelry all over the catwalks. I think this trend may have hit it's culmination in publications but I know for sure that it's on the rise as far as in store purchases. I have definitely been seeing an increase in snake print apparel items both in stores and on the streets. 

What surprised me though was a picture on fashion blogger Aimee Song's Instagram feed. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 4.38.01 PM

 Aimee's double headed serpent ring is by Anita Ko. After doing some research, I couldn't find that particular ring on the Anita Ko website so I couldn't tell you the pricing on it unfortunately. 

Shop banner InStyle: Eyeline python pumps with 4" heel, $1,420; // Bulgari Serpenti 18kt-pink gold watch, starting at $5,150;

Vogue: Stella McCartney jacket snake-print jacket, $2,400 and matching trousers, $1,085; Stella McCartney NYC

The next installment of this will be my final post and will consist of my prediction for this trend in the future. Expect that tomorrow. 

Have a great Saturday, Bears! 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

Majestic Temptation- A Tracking Diary Part 3

Hey bears! I'm here today to bring you the November edition of my tracking diary, albeit a bit late in the month. If you're not sure what this project is about, you can check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this project. 

Last month, I wondered if this motif would stay in Jewelry and accessories, or make the jump to apparel. Well guess what, guys? It made the jump. There were more serpent related clothes than there was jewelry in the magazines this November. While I previously said that this trend was in the Rise section of the fashion cycle, I think when it comes to jewelry, it may now be in the Fall slope, as far as publications go. Somewhere within the last month was the culmination in terms of Jewelry. There weren't as many ads as compared to September and October.  When it comes to apparel, I would say it's had it's culmination. This month alone there was one editorial and three features surrounding this trend. You can click the photos to view larger. 

This editorial comes from Vogue and features snake skin/print garments from designers like Reed Krakoff in this first spread; Celine and Burberry Prorsum on the second spread; Ports 1961 and Celine in the third spread, and Lanvin in the last spread. 





The features this month were found in Harper's Bazaar: 

In The jungle HB


Designers spotlighted in the "In The Jungle" feature include: Sidney Garber, Roberto Coin, Ileana Makri, and Etro. 

Pretty in Python HB


Designers spotlighted in the "Pretty in Python" feature include: Nikos Koulis, Ports 1961, Etienne Aigner, Equipment, and Stella McCartney. 

There was also a little mention of snake print being an inspiration for Resort 2014 from Diane Von Furstenberg in InStyle: 

DVF November InStyle inspo DVF close up IS
Shop banner OUT OF THIS WORLD: Reed Krakoff python sweatshirt and pencil skirt $3,990 each; // Celine top $7,300; Bergdorf Goodman NYC // Burberry Prorsum python print embossed leather skirt $1,595; // Ports 1961 top ($4,695) and skirt ($3,495); // Lanvin python jacket, $13,000; Lanvin, NYC. 

IN THE JUNGLE: Sidney Garber necklace $13,825; // Etro snakeprint shoes $650; 212-317-9096 // Ileana Makri Earrings $4,565; // Roberto Coin ring $2,100;

PRETTY IN PYTHON: Nikos Koulis earrings $4,637 each; 646-339-9356 // Etienne Aigner clutch $325; 212-334-1079 // Stella McCartney pants $1,085 // Equipment sweater $298; // Ports 1961 coat $8,495;

That's it for November. I'll probably be posting the last post later today, or tomorrow beings that this project is due Monday.

XO Panda 

Amanda ❤

Majestic Temptation- A Tracking Diary Part 2

Hey there Bears! 

I'm back with Part 2 of my tracking diary. If you're not sure what I'm talking about you can see part one, Majestic Temptation Part 1

If you remember, I chose to follow serpent style jewelry and lo and behold guess what I got in the October issue of InStyle. 

If you can't see it, I'll zoom in.

We're loving Jamie Chung Close up October InStyle
Ah yes! Thank you Jamie Chung. 

What I was also surprised to see is that it made the jump from Jewelry to Accesories in these two ads. The first, a snakeprint Scarf from Hudson that I found in the October issue of Vogue, and another scarf in this small feature in InStyle from Kelly Wearstler. 

Hudson Ad October Vogue

Shop It! October InStyle
Now I wasn't quite sure of the print so I headed to to do some investigating. Appropriately named "Serpent Scarf". 

When I first started my trend forecast I predicted that this motif was in the introductory phase. Now that I've seen it grow into another direction away from Jewelry and into Accessories, particularly scarves, I would say that this trend is now in the 'Rise' stage of the fashion cycle. As far as where these pieces can be purchased, Hudson is a Jeans company and the scarf was merely an accesory for the model. Nothing could be found on the website in regards to it. The Kelly Wearstler scarf is priced at $215 and can be bought from or the flagship boutique in Hollywood, Ca. Pricing was also unavailable for the the Gaydamak serpent bracelet worn by Jamie Chung, but can be purchased through two stores in the United States located in Malibu, California and Miami Beach, Florida. The amount of exposure this trend is getting is definitely catching on and increasing. I can't wait until November to see exactly where this trend is going. Will is stay in Jewelry and Accesories or will it jump over into Apparel? We'll just have to wait and see come next month. 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

Majestic Temptation- A Tracking Diary Part 1

Hello there bears! This semester's fashion merchandising project consists of a semester long tracking diary. We're to pick a trend that we saw in a current magazine issue. We're to track this trend over the following months to see if it catches on, fizzes or evolves into something else. 

In late August I saw this ad in the September issue of Vogue and immediately knew I wanted to see how it would progress. Little did I know that this was going to be our exact assignment for my merchandising class. 

 Original ad(Sorry the ad is  so small, I gave the original to my teacher and had to scour the internet for this one.) 

Anywho, fast forward a few weeks later to New York Fashion Week. I'm watching the Mara Hoffman show when I see these pieces flouncing down the runway, and I immediately knew I had something.  

H-623_w-360 mara hoffman SS14
H-623_w-360 NYFW mara hoffman
H-623_w-360 NYFW ss14
When the assignment was given, it was a no brainer. I just had to make sure that no one else had the same idea. Thankfully, no one did. So, since this is a school project, there are some things that I need to discuss in order to prove that I am learning terms and concepts and not just sitting in class looking pretty. 

Since the Bulgari ad spawned the idea, I went to price jewelry and leather goods. Purses range from $840.00 to $3,550.00 while Jewelry ranges from $5,700.00 to $37,100.00. I would say this iteration of this trend is in he introduction stage simply because it's still in it's test period. It hasn't yet been accepted or rejected by the target customer and has simply been put out there, even though this particular motif is a regular one for Bulgari. 

The same goes for Mara Hoffman. Since these designs were shown for fashion week, they're intended for Spring/Summer 2014 so prices weren't yet available for those pieces. I couldn't figure out if the snake and it's "tongue" was more of a finding or a trim. It could be considered as both. The body of the snake could be considered a trim, while the "tongue" could be a finding since it has an actual purpose on the garment. Both the Bulgari pieces and the Mara Hoffman designs can be purchased on their respective websites.  

I've decided that I want to track the serpent trend through two major magazines, Vogue and InStyle to see how they progress over the following months in these publications. While also using other sources to check for any celebrity or stylist sightings wearing the trend to events. I've noticed that there is some advertising being done for this trend but not very much compared to leather skirts and colorful coats, per se. 

Come back in a couple of weeks when I talk about how this trend has evolved a bit for the month of October. 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

School Project: Designer Profile on Yves Saint Laurent

The first merchandising project I had this semester was a profile of a designer. I started out with Mary Quant and ended up changing it to Yves Saint Laurent simply because he had more longevity as opposed to her quick rise, and just as quick demise. What can I say?  It was actually quite enlightening to learn what I did about him. 

YSL-Designer-Profile-Crystal-Aguirre*The images were all found using the Internet so I'm just going to say that credit goes to their respective owners. 

Amanda ❤

Precious Hands x Free People -School Project

Okay guys! This semester is practically over, I'm waiting to get word on whether or not I'll have to take the final, but our main project, a 30-second video is done!

There weren't enough cameras for all the groups so we had to merge groups. The group I was in (Free People) merged with another group (Precious Hands) and our filming days were split between all the new groups. Precious Hands is a Guatemalan company that creates handmade accessories like belts, bags, scarves, hair bands, and baskets. Originally we thought to film a picnic-like sequence at the Expo Park Rose Garden after I mentioned I had recently been there and showed my group members pictures I had taken. Unfortunately the day we were set to film, it had been pouring rain and we had to devise a plan B. So I asked one of my former VisCom teachers if we could film in the life drawing class, and he said yes. That was one of the moments that I was thankful for having connections. 

So with that being the main thing we've been focused on all semester, I thought I'd share our video. There were a few other ones that I really liked so I'm going to scrounge around YouTube to try and find them. In the time being, here's ours: 



*Edit: I found the other videos : Jeremy Scott x Y.R.U, SUPREME & Levi's

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

DIY: True Love Wall Art

Make Your Own True Love Wall Art
I have a rule when it comes to art for the home, if I can figure a way to make it on my own, I generally do. This is another one of those cases. I spotted a piece at Ross that caught my eye but for $16.99, I passed. I knew I could make it at home for cheaper. 
True Love Wall Art supplies
You'll need: 8x8 canvas, 2" and 1" vinyl letters, wide paint brush, small detail paintbrush, flat paintbrush, black paint and paint color of your choice. 
True Love Wall Art applying letters
Play with the layout of your stickers. I chose larger stickers for the 'true love' part and smaller stickers for the rest. I knew that I wanted to add a handpainted element to the canvas as well so I left room for that. 
True Love Wall Art apply color
Paint over entire canvas with the wide paintbrush. I used an acrylic gouache because I wanted that chalky look. I used AcryLA in Shell Pink. Since it's such a light pink, I used two coats. 
True Love Wall Art outline
After the gouace was done drying, I used the thin detailed brush to make outlines of the letters. Just follow along the edge the stickers trying to stay on the outside and not painting on the sticker, let dry. 
True Love Wall Art remove stickers
After the outline of the letters were dry, I peeled off the vinyl letters. To my surprise, some of the paint seeped in under the vinyl, so if you don't want that to happen, I suggest pressing down on the stickers firmly from both sides, making sure they're flush. In the end, I liked how it made the whole thing look so I was pleasantly surprised. Using the flat brush, I finally added in the hand painted element for the word 'never', and let dry. 
Hang up on the wall and admire your new work of art. I hung mine above my bed, but beings that I have this Ikea bed frame, my bed lays low on the ground and you can't see it in the picture. So I saved myself some money, liked mine way more than the original, even though in retrospect, I could have moved 'stories' over a little more so it wasn't touching 'end' but whatevs! I still like it. If you make your own, make sure to leave a link so I can check yours out! 
XO Panda
Amanda ❤

DIY: Heart Garland

After last week's events I felt the world needed a little more love so I decided to whip up this sweet little banner for my room. 
You'll Need: 
  • Patterned scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery thread
  • Pencil
  • Paint brush
  • Acrylic paint
  • Small hole punch or awl
  • Heart template

1. Use the heart template and trace as many hearts as needed for your message on the back of the patterned paper. Tracing on the back makes seeing and cutting the traced image easier. Remember, it's one heart per letter so you may need more, or less paper depending on your message. Cut from paper. 

2. Using your template, fold in half and use the hole punch or awl to make two holes. This will be your template for where the holes go on your hearts. Punch holes through all the hearts. The hole punch I have is from Martha Stewart. 


3. Using the brush and acrylic paint, paint your message on the front of each heart, and set aside to dry completely.

4. Once your message is dry on the hearts, use the needle and embroidery thread, thread your message, hang up on the wall and enjoy! 

This would be cute as a sweet welcome home, anniversary, birthday or child's banner. 


XO Panda

Amanda ❤