31 Days of Instagram: Beachbody Edition

I know as a coach that sometimes I get stuck in a rut posting the same kind of images about Beachbody on Instagram, so I whipped up this quick 31 day guide to help give others an idea of what else to post. Personally, I know that it never occurs to me to post an image of my workout outfit or my grocery haul. So if it didn't occur to me, I figured, it might not occur to other people.  


Amanda ❤

No Fuss Smoothies

As a Beachbody coach, part of my job is to make sure that I'm getting my daily dose of dense nutrition by drinking Shakeology. 

Except, I had a problem. 

I hated washing the blender after every smoothie that I made. I would inevitably knick or poke myself on some part of the blade. 

It was annoying to say the least, until one day it occurred to me, as I was pouring my smoothie into my mason jar, "I wonder if the blender blade would fit onto my mason jar?" I took my blender apart and lo and behold it worked! So here's how I've made my smoothies ever since. Let me know if you try it, and how you like it! 


Amanda ❤

Why I'm Recommitting to Beachbody

I've been away from Beachbody for a while now but lately I've decided that maybe this is something that I can get back into and do, so I've come back. It's always been something that I find myself coming back to time and again, especially Tony Horton. But every now and again I'll do a Shawn T program. Obviously I love their products. Whether it's the programs, shakeology, or their portion control boxes. When I first started out, it was never really about losing weight. It was more about being stronger and fit, and that's what I want to make it again. I haven't had a solid workout routine since I finished swimming last year and so I was looking for something that I could incorporate back into my life. Cue working out in the convenience of my house, in clothes that made me feel comfortable and not having to wear shoes. (I don't like to wear shoes for most of my workouts.) 

Before, I was content with being the discount coach. But now that I have loftier dreams of changing the world. That also includes helping people. What can I say? I guess that's part of being an INFJ. So on top of seeing posts about regular beach type style, be prepared to see posts about health and fitness as well. It is a lifestyle blog after all. This is all encompassing. 

If you watched the video, thanks for taking the time to do that, I appreciate it! 

Amanda ❤

Peach Colada Shakeology Recipe

Hey guys! 

For December I have a goal of working out at least twice a week. It doesn't matter the workout, just as long as I'm getting in some physical activity. So far, I'm still on track. I'm still doing my Beachbody workouts, but admittedly, I don't really drink the shakeology which is something that I feel I could do better on. 

I get bored pretty easily so it probably comes as no surprise that I just can't drink the same thing everyday without getting tired of it. I thought I could share some of the shakeology recipes that I come up with. 


What you need: 

-1 scoop of Vanilla Shakeology

-1/2 cup of coconut milk

-1 cup pineapple juice

-1 cup of frozen peaches




Let me know what you think! 

Amanda ❤

5 Tips for Making A Good Smoothie


For a while now I've been making different smoothies and sharing them every so often. I wanted to share my 5 tips for making a good smoothie today. 

  1. Use the freshest, ripest ingredients possible. This goes for any fruits, vegetables, and herbs. 
  2.  Use fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are in season to get the best natural sweetness, but if the ingredients that you're looking for aren't available substitute with frozen, fruits, vegetables or herbs. Dry herbs don't belong in smoothies. 
  3. Don't prepare fruit in advance. They start to dry out and lose juices. 
  4. Adding ice to smoothies will dilute them so make sure to keep all juice, milk or other products in the fridge until you absolutely need them. You can even chill the glass in the fridge to keep your smoothie cold. 
  5. Don't be afraid to experiment. Try pairing different ingredients like juices, berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs, yogurt and even skim milk. 
Amanda ❤