Dance : Keone & Mariel Madrid

Dancing hip hop in elementary, middle and high school is something that I'll always be fond of, but it's videos and couples like this that make me wonder why I ever quit dancing in the first place. The constant spins and twists, the hits, the dime steps, the crazy legs, the isolations, the waves. They're all my favorite parts of dancing (not that I could do it very much anymore, but still).

They're both so awesome. You can tell that they love what they do and their synchronization is INSANE! I love it.

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

Hello To A Year of Dancing

Have you ever had something so magical or traumatic happen to you that you either A.) haven't done it since because you want that thing to keep the magic that it presented, or B.) Haven't done it since because you've been unable to overcome a mental block? 

For me, that thing has been dancing. I've always loved dancing. Since I was small, and by small, I mean 4 years old. Since I was 4 years old, I was involved in dancing in some type of way. I found joy in dancing. The movements. The way a song could motivate me to move. Feeling the rhythm in my body. Up until seven years ago.

Seven years ago, I met somebody completely magical in my life and we would always dance. Danced while cooking dinner. Danced while doing laundry. Driving down the road and pulled into a gas station one night just to dance under a street light. It was our thing. And then that person went away, and I was unable to dance after that. 

In my head, I held dancing as being magical and something that only felt right with that person. There are still things that I've held onto as being reserved for that person, but I've had a mental block for the last seven years and haven't been able to enjoy dancing the way I used to. That's something I want to overcome.

This year, I want to start dancing again. 

And I will. 

Enter, 'A Year of Dancing'. 

Every week for an entire year, I want to dance, so I've challenged myself to make a video of me dancing and posting about it here. 

This first video is blurry and my head got cut out but that's the way it came out and I'm not re-doing it. These will be a one-shot thing. No re-do's. How it comes out, is how it comes out and I'm not fixing them. 

So without fur ado, this weeks song: Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars


Amanda ❤