10 Beach Bags Under $35

Summer's finally here and even though I try to get out to the beach as much as possible, I still haven't fully gotten out there. While I do have my beach bag packed and ready in my trunk for an impromptu stop, I know there are still quite a few people who haven't been able to make it. Now I don't blame you, life happens and sometimes we get a late start to things. So if you haven't gotten your 2017 summer beach bag ready yet, I'm here to show you some cute and affordable options. 

10-Beach-totes-under-35-dollarsLet's start clockwise from the top left.

  1. Dry Pak Roll Top Dry Bag ($14.99, I'm putting this bag up here because I know there are a few people who are paranoid about leaving their belongings out on the beach while they're in the water. (I know, I'm one of them!) So what's the next best thing? Bringing your belongings with you. Throw your phone, camera, keys, and wallet in your dry bag, throw it over your shoulders and then frolic in the waves a bit. Or don't frolic, it's up to you, but you know what I mean! 
  2. SunnyLife Havana Cooler Tote ($30, This tote bag is a cooler to help keep your drinks and snacks nice and fresh while out on a hot day at the beach. 
  3. Essentials Tote ($34.95, A clean, simple, classic beach tote with rope handles. What more do you need, amirite?! 
  4. Large Straw Tote ($34.99, Since straw and pompoms seem to have been all the rage earlier this year and now into summer, I thought I'd add one in. This one's big enough to toss in a towel, one of your summer reads, some sunblock, sunglasses and a hat, and you're ready to roll out.
  5. Frakta ($0.99,  If you're one of those people who like to pack everything and the kitchen sink (same. TBH), this just might be your bag. Not only is it your cheapest option on this list, it's most likely that it's also the biggest bag. If you've never seen one of these in person, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!  But just so you know, people tend to use it as a laundry bag. THAT'S HOW BIG IT IS! And especially with the whole Balenciaga thing earlier this year...
  6. Large Linen Tote ($34.99, Another straw bag, but I promise you this is the last one because honestly, the whole straw thing... nuh-uh. ANYWAY, it's pretty cute with the whole embroidered leaf motif it's got going on. This one measures 15Hx25Wx7D, which is pretty good if you're NOT like those of us who need to pack everything. Just like the other straw bag, it holds the basics which is all some people need. Not this person, though. *points at self *
  7. Netted Sheer Tote ($22.90, You know what's the best thing about netted tote bags and the beach? You don't have to worry about cleaning out the sand! It just sifts right through, which is these kinds of bags are awesome! What I don't like about netted bags is that sometimes I change clothes at the beach which means my chonies are in plain sight. Win some. Lose some. Eh. 
  8. Women's Woven Tote ($14.97, This bag comes in a bunch of different colors but I like the pink one the best. A couple of pompoms, a few tassels, and let's call it a day, shall we? 
  9. Love Runs Deep Ombre Tote  ($24, If ombre is still your thing, there's this bag. It also comes in blue. Can we all say 'gender stereotype' in unison? No? Okay. Anyway, Nasty Gal is having a 50%-off-on-everything sale so snag this as soon as you can if you want it. 
  10. Shania Glitter Tote ($29, This Glitter-laden, gorgeous tote is made from PVC which means it's super easy to clean. So aside from everyone seeing your goods, it's probably one of my favorites from this list. I'm sorry, I just can't say 'no' to glitter, jeez! 

Are there any bags on this list that you're thinking about getting, now? Let me know which one. Personally, I'm  eyeing that dry pak! 

Amanda ❤

What's In My Beach Bag?

As somebody who practically lives at the beach, especially during the summer, there are a few things that I like to keep  in my beach bag that aren't beauty related, so I thought I'd share them with you. 


1/ You Had Me At Aloha bag 

    I actually picked this up from Ross about a week ago and needed to have it. Before this, I was using a mesh bag that allows sand to seep through so it doesn't get stuck. 


    A cheap pair that I bought at Santee Alley and then attached gemstones to. 

3/Purell Hand Sanitizer (Affiliate Link)

    As anyone who's been to the beach with me can attest to, I have a tendency to have mini beach clean-ups. It just comes naturally. I can't help but start picking up trash, so having hand sanitizer in my bag really helps when there aren't bathrooms to wash my hands. 

4/ Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion (Affiliate Link)

    I'll admit that there are times when I forget how long I've been out in the sun and end up getting a little burned when I never intended to. This stuff smells amazing! (Coconut and papaya) It contains aloe and shea butter so it cools and relieves any burns and also helps to maintain your tan. 

5/ Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Lotion (Affiliate Link)

    Despite knowing how bad it is to tan in the sun, I really do love it, but to help achieve that tan a little faster I like to use this tanning lotion. 

6/ Beach Stakes (Affiliate Link)

    How many times have you laid down a blanket or towel on the sand only to have to find things to lay on the corners so it doesn't go flying away? Well these sweet little beach stakes help stop that. You just pull a corner of your towel or blanket through the hole, then dig the stake into the sand, and all is well.    

7/ Kindle Fire 

    Even though I try to keep my electronics away from the beach to keep from sand getting into them, I do like to bring my kindle to read my books. I never really know what reading mood I'll be in when I get there. With my kindle, I have my library with me. 

8/ Mexican Blanket

    I got this blanket a few years ago when I took my trip to Catalina Island


These are pretty much my bag essentials. What do you keep in your beach bag? 

Also, this post contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase through those links, I get a small commission. Thank you for supporting BBG! 


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Style DIY: Perfect Cut-Off Shorts

I know you're wondering why I'm posting a DIY for perfect pair of denim cut-off shorts at the beginning of November and not sometime during the summer, but SoCal typically has Indian Summers and we're still experiencing 88℉ weather, so cut-offs are still appropriate. That plus I figure it's going to be summer in the Southern Hemisphere too, so hey why not? 


You'll Need: 

    - A pair of denim pants that you no longer care for as pants


Perfect-Cutoff-Shorts--What-You-NeedStep 1: 

Take the pair of pants that you've decided are no longer suitable to be pants but perfect to be shorts, and turn them inside out. 

Perfect-Cutoff-Shorts--Step-1Step 2: 

Next take the groin part of the pants and pull them down. I usually pull them down until the front and back seams are even with each other. It looks a little weird but trust me. 

Perfect-Cutoff-Shorts--Step-2Step 3: 

Next, straighten out the legs a little and figure out how long you want the inseam to be. I typically do anywhere between one and four inches depending on what I want to do with the edges. Most often I like to roll them up a little so I'll do a four inch inseam that way they aren't too short. You're going to cut across the grain of the denim so you want the legs to be pretty straight, but they don't have to be perfect. 

Perfect-Cutoff-Shorts--Step-3Step 4: 

Next cut the other leg. Turn them right side out, and you're done! 


I've literally got a whole drawer full of shorts because that's all I ever want to wear during the summer. The less clothes that I can wear (without getting a public indecency ticket for it) the better. 

So whether you need a pair of shorts in a pinch because of an unexpected heat wave, or because it's actually going to be summer where you are, now you can make yourself the perfect pair of cut off shorts.  

Amanda ❤

Style DIY: Faux Fur Infinity Scarf

Temps have been steadily dipping down, even in SoCal. For Christmas I went with CHPG to visit his family in Palmdale and if it weren't for this scarf, I probably would have frozen my butt off. I know it was definitely somewhere in the 50s. I know, I know, but 50's to me is freezing. 

Faux-Fur-Infinity-Scarf-Materials- 1 yard of faux fur fabric

- straight pins

-thread, needle, and scissors

This is a pretty simple one day project. I made it on the 23rd when I had a day off but needed something to occupy my hands. 

First, pin your fabric together lengthwise with the "right" side of the fabric facing together, and sew. I used a simple basic backstitch. When done with that your fabric will basically resemble a tube. Turn the fabric inside out so that it looks like it normally would. Next, gather your ends and pin together the "right" sides again. Trust me, it's going to look a little weird at first but as you sew the ends together in what will become the infinity, you'll start to see it. 

Faux-Fur-Infinity-Scarf-Sewn-EndsYou're doing this so that the ends aren't as visible. When you have about 2" left you won't be able to backstitch anymore and so you'll have to do a running stitch  in a loop to close the ends, and you're done!  

Now you've got yourself a pretty faux fur (which is all the rage this winter season) infinity scarf and you'll have caught up on a few shows on Netflix, all in one day. If that's not called productivity, then I don't know what is. 


Stay warm, Bears! 


Amanda ❤

Style Wishlist // 11

Style Wishlist November 2014(Clockwise from top left) 

It looks as though my closet is slowly turning into a quad pallette of black, white, grey, and gold tones and I really have no problem with that. 

1. Lainy skirt, Andrew Marc

2. Jamie top, Andrew Marc

3. Melange cardigan, H&M

4. Mixed Media slingback peep-toe mules, UrbanOg

5. Untold, Elizabeth Arden

6. Georgina felt Panama hat, Eugenia Kim

7. Black quilted tote, River Island

Visit my November 2014 Style Wishlist Pinterest board to see what else made my wishlist for the month. 

*Full Disclosure: None of the above links are affiliate links.* 

Have a great one, Bears! 


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Halloween Costume Idea: Spinelli from 'Recess'

Spinelli Halloween Costume


Sometimes I find myself wanting to watch this cartoon on Netflix. Then I remember that they don't have it on Netflix. They have the movie, but not the series and that bums me out. Being a former super-tough tomboy, I can appreciate Spinelli. I still identify with the tomboy style but I also try to incorporate girly pieces in my own wardrobe. This costume is for THAT girl who wouldn't mind putting on a dress and a pair of striped leggings just to surprise the crap out of their friends. 


Amanda ❤

Style DIY: Floral Iron-On Applique Pullover

It's finally starting to cool down a bit here in Southern California. It's nothing that a light sweater or hoodie can't take care of during the morning hours though. I created this sweater after seeing a similar looking sweater in the September issue of InStyle, and it's a cute, simple way of uodating a regular plain old pullover. 

What you'll need: 

  • A pullover
  • Iron
  • Iron-on transfer paper (Make sure to get paper that matches with the color of the pullover that you're using.)
  • Scissors
  • Image editing software (I used Photoshop)

I chose to do a vintage floral motif. I chose some images and rearranged them in Photoshop.  Compose-Flower-ImageI then had to split the image into two portions to be able to print onto two pieces of 8.5x11in. transfer paper. 

Follow-Iron-On-InstructionsFollow the instructions on the package of transfer paper. I cut the excess paper away from the image as close as I could. The packet of transfer paper I used suggested to pre-wash the fabric before applying the transfer. To me, "suggesting" just means, "you don't really have to do it", so obviously I didn't. But I should have. Haha. 


What do you guys think? I think I want to try another one, this time with botanical images of butterflies. Is this something you would try? 

Amanda ❤

Halloween Costume Idea: Professor Trelawney

Professor Trelawney Halloween Costume


This costume is super easy if you tend to gravitate towards the boho look. Just a flowy maxi dress, a hip to knee length kimono and every necklace that contains some sort of stone in it. The key to this look though is the glasses, which I totally just saw a pair of at Michael's for about $2. Easy as pie. 
Amanda ❤

Halloween Costume Idea: Rene Magritte "The Son of Man"

Last year I brought you costumes that you could easily make from items in your closet inspired by the 90s. This year, I'm bringing you costumes that are somewhat unconventional. 

Rene Magritte's "The Son of Man" is by far my favorite painting. I can't explain why, but I know it has something to do with "The Thomas Crown Affair" and the scene where he returns the painting, for sure. 


Rene Magritte's 'The Son of Man' halloween costume


I always think this would be a super cool costume to dress up as, and hardly no one will know the reference. Also, it's better to use a fake apple sewn to the brim of the bowler hat. 

Have you figured out what you're going to be for Halloween? 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤