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The Story of Max

If you follow me on Instagram, which you totally SHOULD be doing, you'd know that I'm just a teensy-tiny bit obsessed, and in love with my cat Max. So I wanted to share the story of how he came about. But first, you need to know the story of Gin. Go ahead and click the link to read that first. 

So after having Gin for a few months and coparenting him, yes we did that. But since I picked him up initially for Bub, that meant that he was always at Bub's house. Soon I started getting sad when I would have to come home. I wanted a baby to cuddle with me at night and who just wanted ALL of the cuddles. At first, the idea of getting a second cat (for myself) was just a joke. We're not allowed pets in my building but a girl can dream, right?

But even in my joking, I was very specific about what I wanted. I wanted an orange and white girl tabby. Girl mostly because at the time we still didn't know whether or not we wanted Gin to father a litter, and I had had an orange and white tabby when I was younger named Garfield. Logic, amirite? Anyway, in my head I made up an elaborate tale of Gin and my imaginary tabby being boyfriend and girlfriend and having beautiful babies and we'd all be a big ol' family. Hahahahaha. 

Well soon the joke started to become real. I REALLY wanted a baby of my own to cuddle with. 

Well, one night Bub told me that there was a cat at his cousin's church who had just had a litter of kittens, and one of them was an orange and white tabby. He wanted to know if I wanted one. YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! You don't have to ask me twice, YES! 

Well, the cat had just had the kittens and so the owners of the cat wanted to wait a few weeks  so that the mother could take care of them. Well, a couple of weeks pass and I'm at Bub's house. His cousin asked him to come help her fix something at her church. I waited for him to come back by doing homework and watching Netflix. A couple of hours later he called to tell me he was on his way back home. 

The sun had set and I'm incredibly lazy so I was watching Netflix in the dark when he got back home. He told me to close my eyes as he turned on the light, so I obliged. When he told me to open them, he was standing in front of me with TWO new babies. The one I had been waiting for, and a new one for him.  Baby-Max-April


After a few days of trying to figure out a name for him, I was listening to Bub playing a video game when I heard, "MAX AMMO!" It was settled, my new baby's name was Max Ammo. His sister was named Liona. 

He stayed with Bub for the first few months as I tried to see if I could bring him home with me. Plus, he was still so attached to Liona and we kind of didn't want to break that up so early. It was adorable. They had each other meanwhile Gin wanted nothing to do with either of them. Gin eventually got used to them and soon became protective of them. During that time we thought we had figured out his personality. He was aloof. Shy. He was picky. He wanted affection but only on his terms. He didn't want you to touch him, but if you held out your hand he would rub himself against it. 


Finally, I was able to bring him home with me in late September, and what we thought we knew about him completely changed. Back at Bub's house we would have never been able to pick him up since he would always run. At my house, he wanted all the affection. Even now when I get home he does nothing but cry and rub himself against me because he's so happy that I'm home. I got what I wanted. I got my baby who would sleep with me at night and loved all the cuddles and kisses.


Now at this point, everyone tells me he's the most spoiled cat alive, which I doubt, but I do love him so much. Especially when he looks at me so adoringly like the apple of his eye. He gets new toys about every month and even though he hates it, I buy him sweet little clothes and costumes. But I really just love it when I'm laying down in bed and he comes and curls right up on my right shoulder and starts purring. It's the BEST feeling ever. I always joke that if I feel like this for a cat, I can only imagine how I'm going to feel if and once I finally have an actual child. 

And now you know the story of Max Ammo. ☺️

Amanda ❤

The Story of Gin: How We Adopted a Stray


In the October 2015 Currently I mentioned that I was trying to convince someone to get a kitten. That someone was CHPG. He mentioned that he wanted to get a kitten because he wanted some company over at his place. He was up in the air about it because he lives on his uncle's property and his uncle didn't want him having any pets. So he wanted one, but he knew he couldn't have one. 

I was over at his house one evening when we decided to go get something to eat. We got to the corner and all of a sudden CHPG said, "Did you see that?" "See what?" I said, as he was pointing towards the corner store. 

"You didn't see it?" "Obviously not. What?!" "Let's just pretend we're going to get something." Then we crossed the street to go into the store. 

As soon as I stepped in, there he was. Tiny and scared. He was shaking and meowing. Fit in the palm of my hand and had dirt crusted on him. It all happened so quick. I saw him. I bent down. He came towards me, meowing. I picked him up. And we had a kitten. Literally. 

It turns out that what CHPG had seen was this kitten walking into the corner store and he wanted to know if I'd seen it. He knows I have a soft spot for animals and he's been witness to me just stopping to pet a stray cat or someone's dog here and there. 

Well, I picked him up and my heart melted. I knew immediately that come hell or high water there was no way this cat was going to go back on the streets. I told CHPG that we should still go get something to eat, but that I was going to bring the kitten along, so we did. Along the way, he started getting attached to this little kitten, and I kept telling him "We have a cat now." Either he was going to keep the kitten, even though he couldn't, or I was going to keep the kitten, even though pets aren't allowed in my apartment either. 

Soon after, CHPG asked me to google what 'Silver' was in Japanese. Turns out, it's 'Gin' (with a hard 'G', not with a 'J' sound like the alcohol.)  When he asked that, I knew he was in and that he wanted to keep it. 

That first night also comes with a funny story. After getting food for ourselves, we went back to the corner store to get Gin some food, shampoo and a temporary litter box. We fed him, gave him a bath, let him figure out his surroundings for a bit, and then went to sleep. In the middle of the night, he wakes up crying and I figure that maybe he had to use the restroom and didn't want to poop where he sleeps. 

So CHPG took him to the bathroom where for 10 minutes or so, he waited for Gin to use the restroom. Well, as all new environments go, he had to take his time to figure out where he was. CHPG thought it was a fluke that he didn't have to go, and so as soon as he put Gin on the bed, he took the smelliest, watery poop right on the sheets. Literally, as soon as he set him on the bed and moved his hand away, Gin was squatting and you better believe I was laughing. If he'd waited 5 more seconds, he could have avoided this. 

The next day, we took him to the vet to see if he was sick or if he had worms. Turns out, he was in really good shape to have been a stray kitten. We got his preliminary shots done, along with deworming, and flea treatment, and we decided that we wanted him to get accustomed to being outside and traveling. 

I know it sounds a little weird to hear but we share "custody" of him. Hahahaha. Gin stays at CHPG's house but I'll take him on certain weekends when I want him, or when CHPG's out of town, like this past Thanksgiving weekend. He's like our kid, really. 

The thing about finding Gin though is that he needed us just as much as we needed him and I'm so glad we found him. That's how we got our cat, and now's he's the most spoiled thing ever. Hahahaha. 

Amanda ❤

A Gift To You

You know, for surviving the apocalypse and all, but not really a gift. More like me just wanting to show off my nephew Kayden, falling asleep. My sister showed this to me about a month ago, and I couldn't stop laughing at him. I'm such a mean aunt. 

Have a good Friday! 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

Summer. Do. Bonfire. Done.


Last weekend my friend Nicky had a small get together at her house while her roommate was traveling in Mexico. We barbecued, there was a pool for her niece and a friends son. There were drinks (OBVI!) and there was an inflatable pool set up in the backyard. I was ready to jump in and lay there, if it weren't for the kiddos playing in it. Even though fall is starting to show itself in other parts of The States, August and September tend to be the hottest months of the year in SoCal.  This was us trying to get the fire started. We learned doritos and costco cake burn, quick and long. 
Amanda ❤

She Will Be My Saving Grace

Photo 185

This little girl, and her brother have changed my view on kids SO much. A couple months ago I wrote about having kids and why I didn't want any. But as these little people have come to grow, I've loved them far too much. I still think other people's kids are annoying, but I'm finding that's a common occurance. 
It's the little things that they do that make me so happy. Things like simply grabbing onto my finger, stretching their arms out to me letting me know they want to go with me, the high-pitched squeal of laughter, them rolling over and being able to sit up. 
These kids have grown so much in the last couple of months and I can't believe how big they are compared to the tiny preemies they were when I first saw them. Whenever I see them I always say, "I want to squeeze you SO much" because I really do. My heart is so full of love when I see them that I can only imagine what it would feel like to have a kid of my own. 
Honestly, I can't wait for that day. We've all seen that quote on Pinterest that says, 'If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough' and honestly, that's one thing that scares me. Motherhood actually scares the living shit out of me but I've known I've wanted to have a kid by the Sir very early on. Kids are little people, who I'm helping mold. My beliefs, traditions, skepticisms, and other idiosyncracies will be imparted unto my child. They will be privy to that and sometimes I don't think I would be fit to do that to a child. 
When you become a parent, you are forming a child's mind, body and soul, and just thinking about that makes it a daunting feat, in my head. But nonetheless, I've decided that maybe yes. Maybe a kid wouldn't be so bad. Not now of course, but eventually, some time later on down the road, it would be nice. 
So there you have it folks! My mind has changed, and it's decided. Growth. BAM!
Amanda ❤

Happy Birthday, April!


I just wanted to say that you're the best big sister anyone could ever ask for. We touched on this yesterday morning, that even though we're technically half-sisters, we still think of each other as full sisters. We grew up with each other in the same house. You taught me countless things in my 27 years. Because of you, I learned how to stick up for myself in the event that I might need to. Because of you, I learned how to be assertive and speak what's on my mind because, "closed mouths don't get fed." Because of you, I learned right from wrong and to comprehend the difference between the two. To say you're my best friend is an understatement and I hope you have a great birthday! 

And because awesome movies always come out on her birthday, we're going to watch the new 'Batman' today. 

Amanda ❤

I'll Take Any Victory I Can, Even If It's Baby-Sized

Kennedy asleep

This is a horrible picture, yes I realize that and yes I do apologize for it. 

My sister has twins. A boy named Kayden and a girl named Kennedy.

Obviously Kennedy is my favorite.

But as twins go, they are opposites.

When Kayden is awake, he's the fussiest thing ever, (which is probably why I don't favor him too highly beings that crying babies annoy me) hahahahahaha. I KNOW 100% that that's going to sound SO bad. When Kennedy is awake she's the chillest thing EVER! 

But when it comes to sleeping, Kayden is chill and just needs to be rocked. Kennedy on the other hand needs to be held and if she isn't, that's when she becomes fussy. 

For about a week now, I've been trying to get Kennedy to fall asleep with me but couldn't. I didn't know if I was holding her wrong or if she was just uncomfortable or what. (Let's be honest, how am I supposed to know if a baby is uncomfortable? I don't have any of my own AND they can't talk for christs sake!) 

But the other day, she FINALLY did and that's where the victory lies. It's not much, but I'll take it! 

Amanda ❤

Slow Deterioration

Cristinas show 8

The other day I went to my friend's art show. Really, it was more of a student exhibition but whatever. There were only three slots for the art education program and she got one of them. 

Cristina's show 1

Cristinas show 2

Cristinas show 3

There were some other cool pieces there too 

Cristinas show 4

I'm a sucker for illustration. 

Cristinas show 5

This was made out of nothing but toothpicks and clay. 

Cristinas show 7

This was a letter written on like, 3 pieces of glass so it has this weird mirrored effect and made you dizzy but I still thought it was cool. 

Cristinas show 6

But it's shit like this that makes me wonder, "How the HELL is this art?". Obviously, it's supposed to mean something right, but what does the person say when they're trying to justify it to the review board? Oy! 


Amanda ❤

Andrea's Almost Here!


Back in October I mentioned that our family was growing and that my cousin Erika was having her first kid. Well, the time has come and at the end of this week, I'll be an aunt again! I'm sure I'll post pictures once she's born and my cousin sends me some! I'm excited although the poor girl is going to have so many names to remember. Her real name is Andrea but my cousin Melanie, Erika's sister, has been calling her Constanza, I've been calling her Olivia Rubi and my uncle, Erika's dad, has been calling her Pamfila! I really wish I could be there but hopefully I'll be able to see her in December. 

Amanda ❤