Frank & Kit Go Geocaching

Frank and Kit: #28 IWMM

Geocache Name: IWMM 

Frank-and-Kit--IWMMI've only recently gotten back into geocaching while trying to explain it to CHPG. I realized that I hadn't gone during the summer so I opened up the app to see if there had been any additions to my area. Of course there were. DUH! 

I was walking home from the market on the day that I checked and found this a mere two blocks from where I was. Once I read the description I automatically knew where it was at. If you've ever been geocaching before, you know that ANYTHING can be a cache so it took a moment for me to realize what it was. 

There were a few muggles hanging outside in the back of the barber college and another on his cell peeking around to see what I was doing. Don't worry about me guy, just go away! Luckily I had my DSLR and just pretended to take pictures until he went away. Finally! I made the grab, signed the log and then as quickly and as discreetly as I could, put it back. 

Am I the only one who feels like a spy when retrieving and replacing caches? Yes? Okay. 

Turns out, this cache belongs to a fellow 'bux partner. HA! 


Amanda ❤

#27 Queens Bridge

It's a new year and I'm back guys! 

Cache Name: Queen's Bridge


I actually found this cache a little over a year ago and realized yesterday that I hadn't blogged about it, so here we are. Around this time I had a goal of walking 50 miles for the month. (We now know that's an easy feat.) I was on my regular route when I thought that the view from the top of one of the bridges would make an excellent place to hide a cache. Lo and behold someone else thought the same thing and had already beat me to the punch. 

It was a quick find. This place is usually devoid of muggles even mid-morning, and even if there are a few, it doesn't take much to wait them out. I almost dropped it down in the the abyss but luckily didn't. 

I signed the log, left one of my GC cards, and then headed on my way. 




Amanda ❤

What IS Geocaching?

So I know that I talk about my geocaching adventures with Frank and Kit, but some of you aren't really sure what it is, because those posts can be kind of vague if you don't know what I'm talking about. So here's a video to help explain what it is.  

I like to think that geocachers are modern day treasure hunters. Whether the cache has "swag" (extras) in it or not. Caches are cleverly hidden items that are in public view, but only you (geocachers) know they're there. 

Like the video says, there are different sizes of caches, from Nano's (ex: a fake bolt) to a large (5 gallon bucket). And anything can be a cache, so long as it has a log book. I've seen magnetic strips, Altoids tins (common), spare key holders, metal pipes, hollowed out sprinkler heads, and even a fake piece of chewed up gum. Where ever you are, there's a high probability that there is a cache somewhere close by, well, except if you're in Antarctica, but I'm pretty sure there's a cache there too. 

And yes, you will get excited once you find a cache you've been looking for, especially when you first start out or when it's an elusive one that you've been trying to get for a while. 

Do you think geocaching is interesting? Would you try it? It's sort of a geeky sport, but I love it nonetheless. Who DOESN'T like knowing that there is something in plain sight that only other GC-ers knows is there? 

Amanda ❤

Frank and Kit: #27 Queen Mary Bridge

#27 Queen Mary BridgeFor the month of January, I'm trying to complete 50 miles of walking. Currently I'm half way there. I decided to see if there were any caches on my normal walking route, and come to find out there was. This one is right in the middle of a bridge and when I went to look for it, I was only about 10 feet off. The tricky part was not letting it fall into the depths below. Normally when I take my walk, there's nary a person in sight, but this day, I had to wait some people out. Do you know how awkward it is to wait for people to be out of eye sight on a bridge? Finally I got a small gap of time, removed the case, signed the log and put it back. 

Amanda ❤

#26 Lewis Plaza Fountain

#26 Lewis PlazaGeocaching for me is usually a summer sport, when there's more light out, so for me to even think about opening the app was somewhat unusual. To my surprise there had been quite a few new ones placed in my area. This was one of them. I originally tried to find this cache on new years eve as the very first thing I did, but couldn't find it. My sister works for a parking garage company that has a contract with the city. Sometimes she covers a break or lunch at this structure and I needed to know when she was going to be there so I could go hunting.  It's a relatively easy find even in the dark, although you may need a flashlight for the hint, which I also overlooked both times until I literally just stared at it.

Amanda ❤

#25 William Painter

#25 William Painter

Another J_Czerwin cache! His caches are like Ab Ripper X. I hate them but I love them. His caches usually require some sort of homework to be done before seeking the cache and this wasn't the exception. 

I tried searching for this cache a couple of times before without doing the homework and obviously had come up empty handed. So I did my homework and knew some of the elements that this particular cache could have been. 

After searching for it everyday for the better part of two weeks, I finally gave up and on July 4th, sent a message to the CO for a hint. I knew what I was looking for but turns out I was just looking for it in the wrong area because the coords were bouncing all over the place. 

The next day I get a reply and as soon as I read it, I knew I had to go out and get it and 10 minutes later the cache was in hand and I was signing the log. 

Oh, J_Czerwin! 

William Painter

Happy Geocaching! 

Amanda ❤

#24 Long Beach Transformation

#24 Long Beach Transformation

Well, well, well. It is what it is. It had taken me an entire year to actually get this one. You see, when I started geocaching, I thought caches were only held in containers like the ones I had found before. You know, the small film cannisters, the altoid boxes, the M&Ms mini bottles and metal cover boxes. 

You see, I had found this cache last year, and the clue said not to trespass into the sprinklers so I thought that the cache container would be nearby, but some 'Found' logs would mention heading into the GZ. Something was up.  Some months I would forget about it, and some months, I would head down and just sit and watch to see if anybody else attempted the cache. 

Little did I know I was looking at the cache the entire time! It wasn't until I read this "What Size Is This?" blog post on the Geocaching Blog


I waited until my nephew had come to visit again and we went to the GZ. I let him play around in the GZ and with swift action, I had the cache in hand. I signed the log, let my nephew play in the GZ again and then returned it. 

Why had it taken me so long to find it? Oh, because it's a J_Czerwin cache and although his are probably some of my favorites, his are the ones that always get me stumped! Seriously! Go find yourself a J_Czerwin cache and you'll see what I'm talking about! 

Oh Amanda! 

Long Beach Transformation

Happy Geocaching! 

Amanda ❤

Frank & Kit: #20 Leaf It All Behind


This is actually the first cache I found this year, but since I found it during the last days of spring, I didn't consider it to be a 'summer cache'. Anyway, I actually found this one accidentally. It was a day that I was feeling really stressed so I decided to go out for a quick run before work. I had known this cache was there because there's two others nearby that I just completely can't find because I SAG. (Suck At Geocaching, LOL!) 

I had gotten a blister on the back of my ankle, because for some reason when I wear socks with my running shoes, I do. (Does that happen to anybody else too?) and so I was walking back. I had looked for this cache probably three times before with obviously no success when I decided, "I'm here. Let me take a quick look to see if I can find it." Lo and behold. If it were a snake it would have bitten me. Right in front of where I decided to start looking. Usually I'm within 20-30 feet of them and have to, not so inconspicuously, search for it. 

Unfortunately since the reason for my outing was a run, I had nothing on me except my cell phone and keys so I had to back for it a couple of days later to sign the cache and take this picture of Frank and Kit. 

Leaf It All Behind

Happy Geocaching! 

Amanda ❤

What's In My Geocaching Bag?

Whats In My Geocaching Bag

If You haven't read by now, one of my favorite summer traditions is to go Geocaching. I recently updated you on the first caches from Frank and Kit for Summer 2013 so I wanted to show you pretty much the basic things that I carry when I go caching. Before, I used to only carry a pen and my phone as the GPS but this summer I've gotten a little more serious about it so I've added some things. 
This summer I've foregone using a purse, and instead have been carrying around this backpack that I picked up from the Mens section of Target. In it I'm carrying some wipes because you don't know when you're going to find yourself digging in something or touching cobwebs. This sport, yes it's considered a sport, includes a lot of touching of things that you think might be the cache, but might not be so these are pretty much essential. Next, my blog notebook, because you never know when inspiration is going to hit. ;) Next is hand sanitizer, when you just need to clean your hands but they're not so dirty that you have to use a wipe.  Of course Frank and Kit are in there. They take up permanent residence in my bag during the summer because I never know when it'll occur to me to try and find a cache, and instead of returning to the GZ to take their picture, I just bring them along. A pen to sign the logbook. The maintenance baggie. This bag include a notebook in case there needs an extra log and I can add a sheet of paper, A pencil for the weather proof logs that only accept pencil and ball point pen and not gel pens, velcro, small zip lock bags and small stickers. Pretty much, if I find a cache that needs a little maintenance and I have what's needed, I'll try and do what I can. I also carry a swag bag (more about that later) and my P&S Nikon to take Frank and Kit's picture. 
Right now that's pretty much it. As the summer progresses I might add items here and there but as of right now, those are the basics. 
Amanda ❤

Frank & Kit Update

Hey You guys! I don't know if you know but one of my favorite summertime acitivites is to go Geocaching. If you've never heard of Geocaching, you can learn more about it here. For me, it's not so much about signing the logbook, but more about actually finding the cache. 

Since summer has started, I've been back on my Geocaching game and will most likely keep you updated throughout the summer on Frank and Kit's adventures. So first up, the first three caches of the summer. 

#21 RaInbow Lagoon Park

#22 Shoreline Village

#23 Queen Mary Stern View

Frank and Kit are like my traveling gnome for Geocaching. Each Cache I visit, is a cache they visit too and they get their picture taken. 

What's a fun summertime tradition that you have? I have a few caching posts lined up so look out for those. Is geocaching something that you would try? I've introduced it to a few friends who've actually liked it. 

Amanda ❤