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Panda Visits The Natural History Museum

Last Saturday I got out of class early and thankfully realized that I didn't have anything to do that day except go home, lay in bed and watch Netflix for the rest of the day. So instead, I decided to go to the Exposition Park Rose Garden for some inspiration. It's actually my favorite place. It's a veritable joy to be there, for me. The beautiful roses, the aroma, I love it. 

Exposition Park Rose Garden

While I was there, I decided to go visit the Natural History Museum. If it looks familiar to you, it's because the side is also known as 'The Jeffersonian' on 'Bones'. 

Los Angeles Natural History MuseumI'd never actually been there so it was a pretty cool little day trip. 

T-Rex and Tricerotops


Tricerotops SkullSo while in the Dinosaur exhibit, I came to the conclusion that the only reason I would probably be afraid of the T-Rex is because it would be trying to eat me, but what would have definitely scared me on pure sight would be this Triceratops (on left). I don't have anything to compare it to but the skull alone was easily the size of a SMART car. The entire car. So I can only imagine how big the rest of it would have been. 

American BuffaloSomebody at the museum has a sense of humor. While in the North American Animal exhibit, I saw this vignette of the American Buffalo and had to laugh. It's like the buffalo is looking at the skull as if to say, "Sucks to be you". LOL! 

4644 Carat TopazThen there's this. While in the Gem and Mineral exhibit I saw this GINORMOUS, beautiful blue topaz. 4,644 carats. It's literally the size of a mini pound cake. 

All in all, it was a pretty good way to spend the day instead of laying in bed watching Netflix. I relaxed a bit, got some inspiration and it gave me a fresh start.

Amanda ❤

Dia De Los Muertos 2013

This year I had every intention to actually create an altar for Dia De Los Muertos, but with everything going on, I just never got around to it. When I learned that Grand Park LA was doing a Dia De Los Muertos celebration I figured I could at LEAST go to that. So on Saturday November 2nd after work, I headed to LA. 

Dia De Los Muertos LA City Hall

The celebration was from 3p-11pm but I didn't get there until about 7:30pm. There were some pretty amazing altars. These were my favorite. 

Dia De Los Muertos Virgen Altar

Dia De Los Muertos Molina Altar
There was also face painting, a beer garden, and an area to paint skull masks. None of which I did. Ha! 

They also had these giant sugar skulls that were pretty amazing! 

Dia De Los Muertos Giant Sugar Skulls
Dia De Los Muertos Giant Sugar Skulls 2

As soon as I  arrived some dancers began a small show. 

Dia De Los Muertos Aztec Dancers
Dia De Los Muertos Drummers
What I was really there for though was the music. I got there just in time for Conjunto Nuevo Ola, which honestly, I've never heard of before. There's something about Mexican humor that I love, sadly it wasn't imparted onto me. They played cumbias and people danced, including me, and it totally made me miss my family in Mexico. There's something special about the bonds that one holds with cousins, and while I watched these two girls dance, it made me miss mine. 

Dia De Los Muertos Conjunto Nueva Ola
Dia De Los Muertos Dancing Cumbias
Then after Conjunto Nuevo Ola, it was Nortec Collective with Bostich and Fussible.  Of course, I only took two photos. This is was the less blurry of the two. I was too busy dancing. #sorrynotsorry

Dia De Los Muertos Bostich Y Fussible
All in all, it was super fun even though it made me miss my family. And the new blogging schedule might be that I'll start posting at night after work. At least for the remainder of the semester. I'm counting the days until Thanksgiving when I'll actually have a break. 

Love you bears! 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

Free People <3s LA


Wednesday was my day off which meant I did a lot of nothing. Laid in bed, watched a 'Bones' marathon, washed my hair. Like I said, a lot of nothing, but around 5 o'clock I directed my lazy self towards Hollywood. Specifically Space 15 Twenty. This is where Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Umami Burger are all located.


A couple of days before, I had gotten one of those massive Facebook invites from Free People, to go see Cayucas play a show in the space promoting their new album 'Big foot'. I'd only heard about them maybe a week or so beforehand when Brandi from MMBB mentioned them on her blog, but I had to jump on the chance. It's not very often that I go out to see music. Especially free music, so I RSVP'd like a champ and I'm glad I did because the space is totally limited and they had to turn away a bunch of people who thought they could just stop on by like no thing. 


THERE WERE ACRO-YOGI'S! They're pretty much people that do yoga but work in pairs to go through a moving sequence of poses. I was totally enthralled. I sat there watching them for a good 15-20 minutes. 

Acro Yogi 1

Acro Yogi 2

Anywho, it was awesome. Free music. Free tacos. Free beer. Yup. I even drank an entire bottle of beer! I know, totally not noteworthy, but it kind of is. You see, I gave up drinking way back in February and haven't had a drink since. This was my first drink of alcohol since. I didn't even drink on my birthday. Plus, we all know I have a taco obsession. Don't believe me? Look up #tacoobsession on Instagram.



I had delicious fish tacos from Hang 10 Tacos. Portable wine from Stack Wines. The beer, I'm not too sure of. It was some small label craft stuff. The DJ was playing some of the best old school hip hop in the mean time before the show. Kudos to her, I should have gotten her business card. 


Then the show started and as per usual I had to weasel myself to the front of the crowd. That's pretty standard for me. Being 5'2" it means that I get tall people standing in front of me all the time leaving me with not being able to see much of anything except a whole lot of backs and hair. 


So I finally managed to fenagle myself to the front to where I literally could get on "stage" with them. Albeit there's only three stairs between on and off "stage." Whatever, semantics. I was still in front. I don't care. 

The only thing that sucks about lone wolfing all the time is sometimes you just want somebody to take a picture of you instead of constantly taking solo selfies, and looking lame. Whatever. 

Amanda ❤

My New Favorite Breakfast

Eggs Benedict at Bottega Louie

If you didn't know, I have an undying love for Gordon Ramsay. I love him to pieces and was watching Master Chef last week. One of the challenges was to make eggs benedict. I'd heard of them before and I knew what they were, and always wanted to try them. I only learned how to cook eggs a few years back. My egg repetoire consists of scrambled, boiled and fried. That's about it. So poached would definitely be a challenge.  I knew that if I was going to ever eat eggs benedict, it would have to be at a restaurant. A restaurant that would do it right, and the only place I could think of was Bottega Louie. So I trekked from Downtown Long Beach to Downtown LA for eggs. Well let me tell you, it was worth the 25 mile commute. I can't even begin to describe the goodness that was happening in my mouth as I was chewing. AND THE HOLLANDAISE! THE HOLLANDAISE! I think I might turn into a morning regular when next semester comes around because at this point, I don't see me getting tired of this delicious meal. All thanks to Gordon Ramsay. 
Amanda ❤

Panda Escapes To: Exposition Park Rose Garden

I learned about this place sometime ago when I went to the LA Times Festival of Books last month. I didn't visit it that day, but I knew I had to come back, and soon. 

I went back one morning when I completely forgot that my morning class wasn't going to be meeting that day, so I thought it would be the perfect time to visit and kill some time until my next class. *UGH* Delight! There are approximately 15,000 rose bushes with about 145 different varieties of roses, and you better believe I tried to smell all of them! Some roses aren't fragrant but some roses are, and for those that were, let's just say, I was having nosegasms. They ALL smelled so good! 












 My favorite out of all of them though, were the 'unforgettable' roses, which I believe is the second picture. For a Monday, I definitely couldn't complain about spending the morning there. 

Have you ever visited the Exposition Park Rose Garden in LA? Did you have a favorite variety? If you're ever in LA I definitely recommend having a small picnic there and taking pictures. I know I can see myself doing a shoot there! 

Amanda ❤

Art In The Streets- Os Gemelos


(Click photos to view larger) 


















Sorry for the bluriness in some of the photos. I'll admit the style in which some of the characters were illustrated bothered me a bit. To me something just felt slightly off but not enough to where I couldn't appreciate the whole. Overall, I loved the colors and just warm, sort of 'home-y' feel this installation had. Sort of reminded me of Indé. I also loved all the small seemingly sweet sentiments throughout the installation. There was so much going on that I wish I could have photographed every single last bit but I couldn't. 

Amanda ❤

Art In The Streets

I finally found my way to 'Art in the Streets' earlier this month but had to go back to get more pictures since the battery on my camera died the first time. I took a crapload of pictures so I think I'll show them installation by installation. This post is just my favorites of the whole show. 

-This car



-Espo's handpainted signs


-The sweet sentiments of said handpainted signs



-This panda girl


-Finding Seen's name 


-This wall of spraypaint


-Photos of skaters from decades ago


-This room



Amanda ❤

New Music | Mariachi El Bronx

    I recently heard a song on my iPod the other day and fell in love. I have the tendency to put new music on my iPod saying that I'll listen to it later. This was the case. I've had Mariachi El Bronx on my iPod since November 2009 and since I put new music on all the time this kinda got left behind. Fast foward a year and a half later... 

    Mariachi El Bronx is a side project from LA band The Bronx, whose regular sound is hardcore punk. In a 2009 interview for Phrequency, lead singer Mike Caughthran talked about going mariachi:

"The record's been done for a while now, hopefully it's gonna come out in like early or mid summer. It's a really really important record; it's the best thing I've ever done. It's all original music, traditional mariachi stuff, and it's the punkest thing in the world for a band like The Bronx to put out a record like that. And I know it's gonna fuck a lot of people up. I want to make sure it gets done the right way, so we're being real careful with it. We don't know if we have the manpower ourselves to put it out on White Drugs, so we're trying to see if we can find a label who's in love with it enough to put it out there."


    Being from Southern California, Mexican music becomes engrained in you, whether you listen to it or not. Hell, I'm part Mexican and even I don't listen to it. There's something about Mexican music that I can't stand yet at the same time there's something about mariachi music, that I respect. And what isn't awesome about a punk band putting out mariachi music? I'll leave you with a few videos. The first, the video for 'Cell Mates' filmed at the ever so famous LA bar, La Cita. If you've ever been there, even once, you'll instantly recognize it for the rest of your life. The second, an awesome marriage proposal at one of their shows in Toronto. Alls I know is that I want to be proposed to while Cielito Lindo is playing. I'm just saying...


Here's a behind the scenes video  of the making of 'Cell Mates'. 



Have a good Sunday! 

Amanda ❤

Hearting Street Art

I've never been one for liking street art. It used to bother me, the whole aspect of defacing OPP (Other People's Property, for you non-hood folks. Haha) That is, until I saw the Banksy Documentary, Exit Through The Gift Shop. If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest that you do. Now,  I find myself loving it. The random names and stenciled images. Since the move to Downtown Long Beach, I've noticed one person in particular. I have the tendency to call street artists by the male sex even though I know very well know that they might be female. 

Now, I'm not entirely sure if it says 'SHIT' or 'SHIF' but either way, I love that it has something positive to say. 

I was at school yesterday, and while walking back from buying a new screen, Yoli spotted this JigglyPuff stencil. Who DOESN'T love a cute Pokemon?  Don't lie to yourself either! You know you have a favorite. I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours. 


IN OTHER NEWS:// This coming weekend is the Long Beach Grand Prix. I've already started noticing the inundation of people. 

Amanda ❤