Organize: How to Roll Socks

The last time I brought you an 'Organize' post I talked about folding shirts to save space. This time I'm obviously here to show you how to roll socks. R taught me this as well. I keep my socks in a basket on a shelf in my closet because I don't have a dresser. It's easy to have them rolled that way I can just grab in and reach a pair without having to look for matching socks or accidentally grabbing two different pairs. 

How to Roll Socks

Since this method is great for saving space in a dresser that means it's also great for saving space in a suitcase while traveling. Rolling takes a little bit of extra time but once you get the hang of it, you don't even notice. At least I don't.

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Organize: Folding Shirts to Save Space

It's the new year and everyone is still trying to do good on their resolutions. I know there are plenty of people who's goal is to stay organized this year, myself included. (You have no idea what my closet looks like right now!) So here's one trick to folding your shirts a different way to save or create more space in your drawers. I personally don't fold my shirts, but I know that's subjective. Some people do. This trick also works well when it comes to packing, which is what I mainly use it for. 

All the experts tell you to roll your shirts when it comes to packing and this is what it might look like, military or "burrito" style. (I'm one for neatness) 

Rolling Shirt Burrito StyleWhile that's fine and dandy, it's still bulky. While I try to pack only a carry on, I still need options and the general consensus is 3 tops for every pant/skirt. 

Here's how to fold your tops for optimum space.

Folding Shirts To Save SpaceR taught me this way back in the day and I use this method every time I pack to go somewhere. It's quite simple and I get to pack an extra top, just in case and you can still layer your pants, dresses, etc over the edges. 

Folded ShirtsAlso, four tops equals about 2" in height if you alternate the ends. Instant space saver! Every time I see R, he only has his carry on. I asked and he said he generally gets three weeks of clothes to fit in it, and he was in the navy so he knows about making things fit in small spaces. 

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