A Small Superbowl Sunday Spread

Super Bowl Spread

I'm not a big football fan. Angeleno's don't really have to be. We choose random teams to like for arbitrary reasons. Me, for instance. I like the Miami Dolphins just because of Dan Marino in "Ace Ventura". "Ace Ventura" isn't even on my top 50 (or possibly 100) favorite movies. I mean, there's the 49ers but they're from San Francisco. Eight hours away. There's the Raiders and nobody really likes them unless they're in a gang, or used to be, or grew up in/near Oakland. (Also eight hours away.) There's also the Chargers but hey, they don't really count. Sorry San Diego (not sorry). 4 hours. Some of us might root for the Rams because they were here back in the day so really, any team is up for grabs.

Honestly, I'm not even sure who's in the Superbowl this year. I heard it's the Seahawks, but I have no idea who the other team is. I'm getting off point here.

Just because I don't really watch football doesn't mean I won't have a Mini Superbowl party, because it's another reason to cook. If you haven't gathered that I like food by now, then I don't know what's wrong with you. So I decided to do some testing to see what I wanted to cook for the big day. It's all fairly simple  and doesn't take very much time to make, so you won't be slaving in the kitchen all day. 

Queso Fundido with Soy ChorizoFirst up, queso fundido, or melted cheese, with soy chorizo.

Preheat the oven to  425 degrees. Grate Mozzarella and jalapeno jack cheeses. (I used a small block of both) Slice a 1/8 of an onion and cook with the chorizo. When fully cooked, layer the cheeses and chorizo in a baking dish until all the ingredients are used up. Place in oven for 30 minutes or until the cheese has fully melted. Eat with tortilla chips or warm flour tortillas.

BBQ Chicken Mango SkewersBaked BBQ Chicken and Mango Mini Skewers. 

Cube one chicken breast and cover with BBQ sauce. Place in the oven to bake for 30 minutes on 350 degrees. Peel and cube a mango and refrigerate until chicken is fully cooked. Once done, place a piece of Chicken and mango on the skewers and they're ready to serve. Makes about 24 pieces. 

Jalapeno QuesadillasJalapeno Quesadillas

Quesadillas are super simple to make. You've never made them before? Seriously, what's wrong with you?! It's a cheese sandwich essentially, but with tortillas. I used wheat tortillas, Muenster cheese, slices of pickled jalapenos, you can usually find them in the ethnic food section of your grocery store. Heat on both sides until the cheese is all nice and melty. Slice into 6 pieces and chow down. 

Of course, I'll have wings and carrots/celery, but I think I'll let WingStop do that part for me. Maybe I'll bake a cake too. I don't know....

Who's the other team in the superbowl? Who are you rooting for this year? 


Amanda ❤

DIY: Heart Garland

After last week's events I felt the world needed a little more love so I decided to whip up this sweet little banner for my room. 
You'll Need: 
  • Patterned scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery thread
  • Pencil
  • Paint brush
  • Acrylic paint
  • Small hole punch or awl
  • Heart template

1. Use the heart template and trace as many hearts as needed for your message on the back of the patterned paper. Tracing on the back makes seeing and cutting the traced image easier. Remember, it's one heart per letter so you may need more, or less paper depending on your message. Cut from paper. 

2. Using your template, fold in half and use the hole punch or awl to make two holes. This will be your template for where the holes go on your hearts. Punch holes through all the hearts. The hole punch I have is from Martha Stewart. 


3. Using the brush and acrylic paint, paint your message on the front of each heart, and set aside to dry completely.

4. Once your message is dry on the hearts, use the needle and embroidery thread, thread your message, hang up on the wall and enjoy! 

This would be cute as a sweet welcome home, anniversary, birthday or child's banner. 


XO Panda

Amanda ❤

Dares for 'Truth or Dare' Jenga

A few months ago, I posted a fun How-To on making a Truth or Dare Jenga set. Earlier, I shared the 'truth' questions I used in my set and now I'm here to share the 'dares'. I've kept things fairly clean but still somewhat fun and entertaining. 

  1. Peel a banana without using your hands. 
  2. Name all the places you've had sex excluding a bed. 
  3. Give a piggyback ride to, or receive a piggyback ride from another player. 
  4. Eat three bites of dog/cat food. 
  5. Have the player on your right sit on your lap for the next two rounds. 
  6. Do everything in slow motion for three rounds. 
  7. Have another player write the name of their first love on your forehead. 
  8. Put a blindfold on and feel another players face. See if you can guess who it is. 
  9. Brush another players teeth. 
  10. Pound you chest and do your best tarzan yell. 
  11. Go commando for the rest of the game. 
  12. Repeat everything the player to your left says for two rounds. 
  13. Get on your hands and knees. Purr like a cat, and rub against the legs of the other players. 
  14. Record a video of you singing any popular song that you know all the words to, and post it on YouTube. 

Use these or try making up some of your own. 

Have fun! 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

Truth Questions for 'Truth or Dare'

A couple of months ago, I posted a fun How-To on making a Truth or Dare Jenga game set. I thought I'd post the 'truth' questions that I used in my game. I kept my questions fairly clean and simple. Use these questions if you'd like or take inspiration from them. 

  1. What's the biggest thing you've ever stolen?
  2. Who in the room do you think would be a bad date? 
  3. If you could kiss anyone in the room, who would it be? 
  4. What was the last lie you told? 
  5. What TV show are you embarassed to admit that you watch?
  6. What is more important than money? 
  7. How old were you when you lost virginity? 
  8. Who is/was the "hot teacher" at your school? 
  9. Have you ever been caught picking your nose? 
  10. What's the longest you've gone without taking a bath? 
  11. How do you think you're most likely to die? 
  12. If your partner said it was okay, would you cheat on them? 

Have fun making your own questions or take some of these. 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

How To: Make Cascarones

How To Make Cascarones
Cascarones are a tradition on my moms side of the family that I didn't get introduced to until I was about 12 or so, when my sister and I went to visit her family in Texas for Easter. 

Essentially, they're confetti eggs and the story is that having them broken over your head is supposed to bring you good luck. With Easter right around the corner, I wanted to show you how to make these fun little eggs. 

YOU'LL NEED: 15 egg shells per person (more or less), confetti and/or glitter (medium to extra large size), glue, tissue paper, OPTIONAL: egg dye (store bought or food dye/vinegar), Marker

1. When cooking eggs during regular cooking, try to crack only the top of the egg, you want to keep most of the egg intact. Wash clean and let dry for two to three days. If you're going to dye your eggs, this should be your next step. Wait until they're completely dry before continuing with the process. 

Heart confetti for cascarones

2. Wanting to keep with the heart theme, I actually took the time to punch my own heart shaped confetti using a Martha Stewart hole punch, but there's no problem with using regular ol' store bought confetti. :)

Add confetti to cascarones

3. Using a funnel or a rolled up piece of paper, add your confetti/glitter to the eggs. 

Add designs to cascarones

4. I used a good old Sharpie marker to add simple graphic designs to the eggs. I'm really loving the starkness of black on white this season. 

Cover with tissue paper

5. Once all your eggs are filled with confetti/glitter cut squares or circles from the tissue paper, add glue around the opening of your eggs and seal, making sure not to tear the tissue paper. 


HERE'S HOW TO DO IT: Steathily hide your egg, sneak up on someone and crack an egg on their head. There is some debate as to whether or not someone should smash the egg directly on a persons head or to crack it in your hand directly above their head and let the confetti/glitter fall on their head but I guess it's really up to you. Whatever you do, DO NOT shake the glitter/confetti from your hair!

They're super fun and for both kids and adults alike! 

So, do you think you'll try some this Easter? If you do, let me know how it goes! 

Amanda ❤

Making Drink Umbrellas


I got the urge to drink drinks with little tiny umbrellas in them the other day so instead of buying them, I decided to make my own. 

You'll need: 

Pretty paper, I used old Martha Stewart Scrapbook paper that I had left over. 



Circle template, if you don't have one, you can use a shot glass 

Pen or Pencil

Small hole punch



Draw out all of your circles first that way you're not going back and drawing each one out. 


With your scissors, cut a slit right to the middle of the circle. Then punch a small hold a the end of the slit. This should be right in the middle. 


The toothpicks I used had these notches carved out of them. I placed the "umbrella" around the very first notch and then glued the two slits together, one on top of the other. 


There you have it! You can make your own personalized drink umbrellas to go with any theme or color schemed party! 

Amanda ❤