Days Of December | Classic Christmas Carols

    A long time ago I used to work at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and aside from learning how to make my own coffee drinks at home, I listened to every Christmas song possibly created. For some reason, We started playing Christmas Carols as soon as November came. What I learned from the situation is that I really LOVE the classic songs. Brenda Lee, Burl Ives, Perry Como, Dean Martin. I think the two more contemporary songs are from Elvis and The Beach Boys.  

    I thought I'd share the staples that are on my Christmas Playlist. 


Amanda ❤

Fall 2011 Playlist

  1. Nest by Magic Man
  2. Me Is All I Am by Jacob Montague
  3. The Kirghiz Light by Golden Brown
  4. Pontoon Boats by Eric and Magill
  5. Fugue by Foals
  6. Crying In My Sleep by Summer Twins
  7. Hell by The Age of Rockets
  8. Always by In Gratitude
  9. This Old World by Ola Podrida
  10. In The Dirt by S.Carey
  11. Republic of Sunshine by Lakefield
  12. Sustain by Jesse Gimbel
  13. The Lengths by The Black Keys
  14. Down In The Valley by The Head and The Heart 
  15. Love For Granted by Phoenix
  16. I'll Do Better by Jarrod Gorbel
  17. Solstice by A Common Year
  18. And The Radio Played On by The Delta Mirror
  19. When Will I See You Again by Lord Huron
  20. World War Z by Lakefield 
  21. Wander Waltz by Jacob Montague
  22. Cloud Nine by Ben Howard 
  23. With You, At Brandy Creek by Ensemble Economique 
  24. Recovering Australia by Japancakes 
  25. Still Sound by Toro Y Moi
Amanda ❤

Summer 2011 Playlist

Every summer I always find myself inspired by the 1960s Surf scene. The longboards, the tans, the pretty bathing suits and the awesome music. So I decided that I wanted to create a summer playlist paying homage to this particular era of time. These are all current songs that remind me of the beach, 1960s surf, The Beach Boys and all those beach party movies with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. Also, I've fallen in love with a band called The Smiles, who're some college kids from California. I practically posted their whole Hermosa EP but go download it from Bandcamp. The Smiles-Hermosa EP on Hope you enjoy! 

  1. Cala Cola by The Smiles
  2. Lighthouse by The Notes
  3. Always Wrong by Jaill
  4. Heading Inside  by Surf City
  5. Sun by The Smiles
  6. To Young To Burn by Sonny & The Sunsets
  7. Darling  by Magic Man
  8. Moonless March by Aloha
  9. Shark's Tooth by Archie Bronson Outfit
  10. Daydream by Beach Fossils
  11. Swimming  by The Smiles
  12. Eviction Party by Darlings
  13. Beachcomber by Real Estate
  14. Goodbye Summer  by Pseudo Kids
  15. Good Friends by Summer Twins
  16. California Girls by The Smiles
  17. Shake The Shackles by Crystal Stilts
  18. Something Someone Jr.  by Growlers
  19. Porpoise Reef by Paper 
  20. Surfing Cats by The Notes
  21. Girl I Love by The Smiles
  22. Tippy Top by Paper 
  23. More Or Less by The Soft Pack 
Amanda ❤

Spring Playlist


The temperatures have been rising slightly over in my part of the States and I'm getting little glimpses of what to expect come spring. I know it's only January still but I've got my spring playlist down and I thought I'd share it with you. 

1. Breaking It Up by Lykke Le

2. Lumo by Bloc Party

3. Salvation by Scanners

4. Everyday by Vetiver

5. No Intention by Dirty Projectors

6. Finn Bikkjen! by Casiokids

7. Vivid Youth by Pastels & Tenniscoats

8. Kind Of Guy by Yawn

9. Coquet Coquette by Of Montreal

10. To Move You by Dr. Seahorse

11. Vocal Chords by Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr

12. Jerry by The Clientele

13. Terminally Chill by Neon Indian

14. Monomania by My Gold Mask

15. We Are Not A Football Team by Minus The Bear

16. Don't Know You At All by Blood Feathers

17. Love Is A Dirty Word by Jason Collett

18. Zorbing by Stornoway

19. All Those I Know by Eric & Magill

20. I Was Good When I Was Young by Ghost Outfit

21. Winter 1 by Pete and The Pirates

22. Cruise Control by The Lazy Waves

23. Rapture by The Sing Songs

24. Cala Cola by The Smiles

25. Tennis by Wolvepop

*Some of these songs are old but I still dig them and they seem fitting for the spring so that's why they made the cut. Hope you enjoy, and maybe you'll find something new. 

Happy Saturday! 

XOXO Mandakinnnns

Amanda ❤

Musics For A Rainy Day...

It's been raining practically all day. I had some errands to run so of course I headed downtown. I slum it down there whenever I'm not either at school, work or home. I just need to move down there. Anywho, I took some pictures. 

DSCN0447 copy
DSCN0448 copy
This made me happy. Grey skies yet here's the best bike rack in the world. A daisy. And yes, It really IS a bike rack. 

DSCN0449 copy
DSCN0451 copy
DSCN0457 copy

So while I was running my errands and drinking my peppermint white chocolate mocha these three songs put a smile on my face and added a little extra pep in my step. I honestly love this type of weather. So here you go. Musics.


Amanda ❤

A Playlist For A Lazy Saturday

So with both Thursday and Friday off from work and massive amounts of tryptophan in my system I really wasn't up for going to work this morning. So in honor of a lazy 4 day weekend, here's playlist No. 2: 


So enjoy while I stay under the covers and watch musicals and drink tea for the rest of the day. 

Amanda ❤

Full Speed Ahead, All Hands on Deck

Ok so now that Thanksgiving is officially over, this is the time that everyone starts going crazy over Christmas. I'm already planning the decorations layout. So I thought I'd share my Holiday playlist. When I worked at the Coffee Bean, we started playing Christmas songs mid-November so by the time Christmas finally came around we were all sick of them. Last year I finally managed to overcome the Christmas song hatred and found some songs that I love. Of course they had to be the classics. Burl Ives, Judy Garland, Elvis Prestley....  So here's my Christmas playlist. 

Christmas songs
and I'll also leave you with my favorite scene from 'The Nutcracker'. Ugh, If only I could find this version on DVD. I've seen plenty of other versions, but the Royal Ballet is my ultimate favorite.

6 Days until '25 Days of Christmas' starts. Come back later for Recipe number 5 from The Vintage Cookbook. It's delish. 

Amanda ❤


I've been having a couple of ideas lately. One of my goals for this year was to journal more. Both writing and art journaling. I feel like i've been doing it but not to the extent that I've been wanting to do it. I was thinking of starting something of a journaling challenge. Kinda like back in the day when there were all those scrapbooking challenge blogs. How does that sound? Anyone interested in doing them with me?Like a journal buddy. Hahaha! Anyway, I have fridays off so I'm always glad when they come around. And since it's friday, how about some music? Yeah?

Amanda ❤