Project Life

Starting Project Life and Weeks 1-7

Okay guys, I've jumped on the Project Life bandwagon and the only thing I have to say is, why didn't I do this before? I'd spent a year looking at Elise's weekly Project Life updates thinking how awesome she's made her albums look, and thinking to myself that I really wanted to try this, but that I really didn't have anything worth documenting. No boyfriend or kids to photograph. It would be very me-centric and I kept thinking that was just vain of me. A week before my birthday this year I just said, "Fuck it" and went and bought a small Sn@p album and page dividers, 3x4 Pocket Pages cards from Me and My Big Ideas and called it a day. I do two weeks per page. I told you, Not very much to document but what every week I look forward to getting the page together. 

So far these are the pages I have: 

Week One: Nothing big happened. Just relaxed at the park and went and saw 'World War Z' with my dad. 


Week Two: I made a full two page spread because it was a special occasion. :) I went to Catalina for my birthday and included the ferry tickets to and from the island. 



Extra Insert between week 2: My birthday weekend Asics held the World Series of Volleyball in Long Beach so I went down Sunday evening and caught a few side games. My favorite being this team. Team Magnum P.I. (I have a thing for Magnum P.I.). They had short shorts and mustaches. It was AWESOME! 

Project-Life-World Series


Week Three: Nothing much but an early workout session at the beach on a gloomy day. 


Week Four: The FP<3sLA event. Saw Cayucas play and watched 'E.T.' at Movies on the Beach. 


Week Five: This protector only had two 4x6 slots so I decided to write out what the week consisted of and then a picture of me tanning at the beach with my favorite beach glasses. 


Week Six: This week was a little busier. Working out with my dad on the beach, setting up a new blog planner, 'The Avengers' at movies at the beach, Roscoe's for waffles, the cutest picture of my niece and my friend's birthday turned luau. This was also the week my computer started acting up. 


Week Seven: You can't really tell but that picture says, "My life for the next 16 weeks" Obviously school started, there was a heat wave that warranted daily trips to Pinkberry, the last movie for this years 'movies at the beach' series was "The Breakfast Club". There was also a hilariously funny and quite offensive 80s cover band there that I loved. Got a new Macbook Pro and had Five Guys with a friend. 


Extra insert between week 7 and 8: Sunday consisted of going to the annual Tiki Beach Festival. Sat and listened to Island music and watched dancers. I also tried Spam Musubi for the first time. A little too salty for my liking but it was pretty good. 



So there you have it. It's a little bit all over the place since I really haven't decided to go with a solid theme for the entire album. I take it on a weekly basis and go from there. One week I might really feel yellow and the next I might feel Black and White. I think when this album is full I'll convert to an actual PL album that way I don't have to collage a bunch of pictures and have them printed as one. 

As for the way I have it set up, I do two weeks per page. One front, one back. The week starts on Sunday and ends Saturday. It's a little weird for me since my work week starts on Saturdays and my school week starts Monday so it takes a little getting used to as far as trying to document things but I'll get the hang of it. 

Aside from using the MAMBI cards, I ordered the Valley High PL kit from Studio Calico and have been using that.  The letter stickers are Recollections and the stamps are Studio G, both from Michael's. The weekly numbers are London Market Jumbo Numbers but that might change soon. 

And that's about it. 

Until tomorrow Boo-Bears! 

XO Panda


Amanda ❤

To Start Project:Life or Not

During the beginning of the year it seemed like EVERYONE in the world was taking on Project:Life and it soon intrigued me. I liked the idea of it and soon created a Pinterest board with peoples' weekly pages. I've been keeping up with Elise's, from Elise Blaha: Enjoy It, Project: Life 2012 pages. Each week she inspires me to want to start.

The problem is, I like to keep, for lack of a better word, anthologies. I keep one sketchbook/journal for as long as I can manage to keep writing in it. A lot of the times I like to stick random stuff in there and keep going.  For a while I was trying to figure out how I could incorporate Project: Life into my sketchbook. Enter Kelly, from It's Me, KP and her Book About Thirty. I don't know why it didn't occur to me before. It was really so simple that I kept overthinking it. 

Suffice it to say, I will be starting project life, but I don't think it's going to be a "weekly" thing. I don't do very much, aside from work that would fill up weekly pages. I'll just stick things in there as  I go along and make small notes. I will have to remember to print pictures out regularly though. 

Project Life Journal 1

Project Life Journal 2

Amanda ❤