School Update: Fall 2014

Fall 2014Ah yes, Fall semester started and I'm back at it. If you didn't know, I've been in school year round this year and although I like getting the classes that I need out of the way, I'm just SO tired all the time now. Unfortunately, I realized this the other day when a co-worker of mine pointed it out.

This semester I'm not taking any merchandising classes because the ones I have left can't be taken unless I complete a basic Microsoft Office class. So obviously, that's one of the classes I'm taking. I'm also taking math, Spanish, and a journalism class at LACC. 

I thought the journalism class would help me prepare for working in magazine publishing. I had no idea but the journalism program at LACC has won an insane amount of awards. Awards won over other colleges and not just community colleges but legit universities like UCLA, USC, and ASU. So far I've learned quite a few things in the last couple of class meetings.

Somehow I got wrangled by the teacher into joining the school newspaper as the "fashion correspondent" and now that's where I'm at. The fact that it's an award winning program coupled with the fact that I want to go into magazine publishing, well, it was a no brainer but now, I'm juggling 14 units along with work. The second week of school just ended and so far, I'm okay. It's the other 14 that I'm worried about but I'm keeping a positive attitude. 

I've already decided that I'm taking winter off and come Spring, I'm only doing three classes: next level math (provided I complete the math I'm in now), a merchandising class, and the next level journalism class. That's it. I'm giving myself a bit of a break. I deserve it, but still working towards that degree. 

Are you in school this semester? What classes are you taking? If not, what was the hardest semester that you put yourself through? Also, send me your good vibes to get through this semester with my grades going unscathed. 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

School Update: Goodbye Spring 2014

Spring 2014. Done

I'm officially done with the Spring 2014 semester, thank god! I took my last final on June 9th for biological anthropology and I know I aced it. My grades are already in for Spring and I'm pleased to tell you I passed with A's and B's. But that was more of a suprise than anything because up until finals began, I was failing two classes. And I don't mean failing but actually close to getting a D, I mean, legitimately failing them. I was super stressed about all my classes as soon as spring break finished. I had to take a few days off of work to catch up in the classes that I was failing, and even then, I didn't know if the work I had done would be enough to give me a passing grade. 

Literature club ended well, and I'm glad I joined it. Made a couple of super awesome new friends. I'm thinking about staying next semester and running for VP. HEY NOW!  

For Merchandising we had to create a whole collection for American Apparel. Drawing croquis, flats, making inspiration and concept boards, filling out line lists, size spec sheets and a myriad of other things that I'll probably do a separate post on later, but we also had to reconstruct a garment to be our prototype for said collection. Wanna know what I did? I decided I was going to create a garment FROM SCRATCH. Yep, that kimono I'm wearing in the picture up there, I made it. From scratch. And handsewn. I actually really like the way it turned out but I think I'm going to make another one with the stuff that I learned from making the first. 

Now that that's done though, I'm now officially one week into Summer I taking, a business class. Wish me the best of luck for this class for the next month. 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

Saturday Tunes: Pink Anderson "Boweevil"

Apparently it's possible to be stressed and not feel like you are, but I've been so entrenched with school work that I can't say 'Noodle' without first saying 'Moodle'. (Moodle is our Online school system where we can submit and view assignments, take tests, and view grades.) Which I log into about three times a day, so there's that.

But aside from that, I've been learning a lot in my Jazz class and I really enjoy it.  My teacher gives us songs to listen to so that we could recognize them. This particular song is an example of a 12-bar blues. I can't help but smile when it comes on in one of my Spotify playlists because the lyrics make me laugh, especially the part about the boll weevil telling the farmer that he treats him nice.  

After 11:45am, I will officially be on spring break! Woot woot! 

What are you guys up to? Happy Saturday! 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

School Update: March 2014

LATTC Literature ClubI'm coming at you with another school update today.

Sometime during the last week of February there was club rush week and in a fit of "Why the hell not?" I joined the literature club. Sorry, not sorry. I didn't know if I was going to be able to fit it into my schedule but I have with a little manuevering. 

I've been enjoying the meetings so far and last week we had elections. In another fit of "Why the hell not?" I ran for historian. And won. I had two opponents who said they'd like to run for Historian because they like taking pictures. So what did I do? 

I said, "I would like to be considered for historian because everyone says they like taking pictures, but who's the one who has a camera in her bag? (Where I proceeded to take my dSLR out of my bag) That kind of sealed the deal. Hahahaha. 

Anywho, I missed my first class last night because I was simply too tired. I took about a 4 hour nap but it's still not enough sleep. I haven't had a day off from both school and work since before February 10th. Two more weeks until spring break starts. I can't wait. Not like I have plans or anything, I'm probably just going to sleep and marathon Murder She Wrote all day. But at this point, I'm surprised anything can hold my attention for more than 30 minutes. I swear I've learned my lesson and am NOT going to attempt another 15 unit semester any time soon. Trust me. Don't do it. 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

Spring 2014 Update

Spring 2014 Update

    So it's a little late coming but this is the post where I talk about the semester I'm having so far. Spring 2014 started February 10th. It's the third week and I'm glad to say, so far, things are going swell. I decided to do something pretty outrageous and take 15 units instead of the regular 12. I'm at school from Monday to Saturday. Kind of crazy, I know. And then there's work. 

    This semester one of my main goals was to actually like all of my teachers. It never fails that every semester I have a problem with at least one of my teachers. I was really hoping that wouldn't be the case this semester and I totally lucked out! 

So, the classes I'm taking are Biological Anthropology, Math, English, Fashion Merchandising- Apparel Product Development, and Jazz history/appreciation. 

Somehow with all the schoolwork I have, I've still managed to stay on top of everything. Actually, I shouldn't say 'somehow'. I know EXACTLY why I've been able to stay on it. Sometimes it's the small things, you know? In this case, it's my agenda. I've finally figured it out, and what works for me is color coding. 

Red= papers, tests, quizzes, midterms, finals. Magenta= homework given out that day. Black= work related. Green= WOD.  Light blue= bills. So far, so good.

Between school and work, I barely have time to get all my homework done but if I'm stressed about schoolwork, at least it's for classes that I'm thoroughly enjoying. I also reached one of my educational goals. I got the confirmation letter last week that I made the school president's list. The president's list is three consecutive semesters with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Hopefully I'll pass this semester with at least four A's under my belt. I like A's. They make me happy. Also today, I joined the literature club. I don't know what possessed me, but I did so there's that. So far, I'm really liking the classes I chose. 

I think I'll be doing regular school updates this semester because there's some pretty interesting projects coming up. 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

Au Revoir Fall 2013


This is officially how I feel today. 

Today was my last final and I couldn't be happier. My brain ceased functioning this past week. Not literally, obviously but mentally. I had a research paper to do for my English class, the topic being whether or not juveniles should or shouldn't be tried as adults in the criminal justice system. I had been putting it off because I couldn't decide whether I was for it, or against it. In the end, I just chose a side and argued it but the amount of research that was involved in it was ridiculous. Practically for every paragraph I wrote there was about an hour to an hour and a half worth of research. I had bookmarks to no end and worked on it every hour that I wasn't asleep or working. I guess that's what happens when you put off a paper until the week before it's due. Lesson learned (but probably not). 

Luckily my final today was for health class and was ridiculously easy. 

Actually, it was pretty anticlimactic as I left class. I should have ran and screamed down the hallway, but like I mentioned a couple of days ago, this semester has left me drained. That plus I'm a grown ass woman, and what do I look like running and screaming because I'm done with the semester? A 10 year old? 

Anyway. I'm probably going to sleep most of the day tomorrow or just stay in bed. But I do know that I need to use my hands for something to give my head a break. 

But you know what I'm most excited about? That I can get back to blogging. It's kind of been slipping this semster and I've had so many ideas and whatnot. I've been making all kinds of notes in my blog notebook. 

That's it for now. I'm going to go lay down in bed. 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤


It's 12:15 AM and I just got done re-writing an English essay for my health class. I am precisely a week away from being done with the Fall 2013 semester and I couldn't be happier, yet at the same time, I am completely fatigued. I am both physically and mentally drained. Honestly, all I want to do is lay in bed, in my pajamas, and watch Netflix for 3 days straight, but I can't. I'm Sisyphus and this world is my boulder. Thankfully, it won't be forever. It's the final stretch and I have to force myself out of bed each morning. This morning I hit the snooze button 4 times. An extra 20 minutes of sleep, stretched out against the whole of my bed and under my warm blankets. My mantra this week has been "Just one more week. Just one more week. Just one more week." I've managed to stay on top of my studies for the last 15 weeks, I can handle one more. I must handle one more. And then, a respite from it all to enjoy the end of the year and to reflect on what I've accomplished this year, and what I want to accomplish in the new year. 

I'm poor, and I'm tired, but this will damn sure be worth it one day. I can promise you that.

Amanda ❤

Majestic Temptation- A Tracking Diary - Predictions

Hey Bears! 

It's finally here! The last installment of this project. If you're new to this place, I'll give you a little background. I'm studying fashion merchandising and one of our projects this semester was to find a trend in a magazine, and track it for the next couple of months to see how it progressed within the fashion cycle. Was it a fad? Did it evolve into something else? Did it die, or is it still going strong? You can view parts 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

The trend I chose to follow was serpent styled jewelry based off of this ad

 Original adImmediately, I realized that not only did the trend stay in Jewelry, but jumped to accessories such as scarves and shoes and then subsequently on to apparel. 

The motif originally caught my eye back in September during the Mara Hoffman show during New York Fashion Week. Then  I saw that ad in the September issue of Vogue and I knew I had something. 

I've watched the trend climb from introduction in September, to rise in October, and to culmination in November as far as ads go. There were more ads in September for snake skin/print items than there were in November and December's issues of Vogue and InStyle. But the type of coverage has increased. It went from solely ads to small features and editorial coverage in both publications which probably means that it's passed the persuasion stage for some fashion editors based on Roger's Mechanism of Diffusion model. 

The 'Persuasion' step in this model is defined in the following way:

A person forms an opinion about the product. They may be persuaded by the opinion of others. It is of interest to them, they might begin to desire the product and persuade themselves that it is suitable, useful, or a good investment. 

As far as what I've personally seen in retail stores and out on the street though, this trend is still on the rise. The people that I've seen wearing this trend have been the early majority. 

As a prediction though, I think we'll be seeing more of this trend come Spring, since Diane Von Furstenberg cited snakeskin as an inspiration for her Resort 2014 line and the Mara Hoffman pieces are for Spring 2014. 

And maybe it's me and the fact that I've been tracking this trend, but I'm sort of over it. I guess one would call it overexposure and I can't wait to open up the December issue of Vogue again but this time with a new set of eyes, and not glossing over it to find serpent styled jewelry or snake skin/printed items. 

So there we have it. The end of my tracking diary project. 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

Majestic Temptation- A Tracking Diary Part 4

Hey Bears! 

December is the last tracking part of this project and I'm here with this month's magazine coverage. As far as Vogue and InStyle are concerned, the amount of ads containing serpent styled items has decreased although there is still some coverage out there. I didn't see any ads for serpent style jewelry, or snake skin/printed items but there were some small features in both magazines. 

First up, InStyle. 

This month they did a small feature about Louis Vuitton's new Eyeline pump. 

LV eyeline heels IS

Another small feature including the original item that inspired this project, the Bulgari Serpenti watch. 

Bulgari Serpenti watch IS

And for Vogue, a Stella McCartney snake-print Jacquard jacket and matching trousers were featured in the "Dressing Like Dickens" editorial. 

Dickens editorial Vogue

And that's it. The amount of exposure has decreased but the type of exposure has increased. I went from solely seeing ads regarding this trend to seeing small features and editorials. Maybe this is the proverbial calm before the storm when  Spring comes and there's snake skin/print, serpent styled jewelry all over the catwalks. I think this trend may have hit it's culmination in publications but I know for sure that it's on the rise as far as in store purchases. I have definitely been seeing an increase in snake print apparel items both in stores and on the streets. 

What surprised me though was a picture on fashion blogger Aimee Song's Instagram feed. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 4.38.01 PM

 Aimee's double headed serpent ring is by Anita Ko. After doing some research, I couldn't find that particular ring on the Anita Ko website so I couldn't tell you the pricing on it unfortunately. 

Shop banner InStyle: Eyeline python pumps with 4" heel, $1,420; // Bulgari Serpenti 18kt-pink gold watch, starting at $5,150;

Vogue: Stella McCartney jacket snake-print jacket, $2,400 and matching trousers, $1,085; Stella McCartney NYC

The next installment of this will be my final post and will consist of my prediction for this trend in the future. Expect that tomorrow. 

Have a great Saturday, Bears! 

XO Panda

Amanda ❤

Majestic Temptation- A Tracking Diary Part 3

Hey bears! I'm here today to bring you the November edition of my tracking diary, albeit a bit late in the month. If you're not sure what this project is about, you can check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this project. 

Last month, I wondered if this motif would stay in Jewelry and accessories, or make the jump to apparel. Well guess what, guys? It made the jump. There were more serpent related clothes than there was jewelry in the magazines this November. While I previously said that this trend was in the Rise section of the fashion cycle, I think when it comes to jewelry, it may now be in the Fall slope, as far as publications go. Somewhere within the last month was the culmination in terms of Jewelry. There weren't as many ads as compared to September and October.  When it comes to apparel, I would say it's had it's culmination. This month alone there was one editorial and three features surrounding this trend. You can click the photos to view larger. 

This editorial comes from Vogue and features snake skin/print garments from designers like Reed Krakoff in this first spread; Celine and Burberry Prorsum on the second spread; Ports 1961 and Celine in the third spread, and Lanvin in the last spread. 





The features this month were found in Harper's Bazaar: 

In The jungle HB


Designers spotlighted in the "In The Jungle" feature include: Sidney Garber, Roberto Coin, Ileana Makri, and Etro. 

Pretty in Python HB


Designers spotlighted in the "Pretty in Python" feature include: Nikos Koulis, Ports 1961, Etienne Aigner, Equipment, and Stella McCartney. 

There was also a little mention of snake print being an inspiration for Resort 2014 from Diane Von Furstenberg in InStyle: 

DVF November InStyle inspo DVF close up IS
Shop banner OUT OF THIS WORLD: Reed Krakoff python sweatshirt and pencil skirt $3,990 each; // Celine top $7,300; Bergdorf Goodman NYC // Burberry Prorsum python print embossed leather skirt $1,595; // Ports 1961 top ($4,695) and skirt ($3,495); // Lanvin python jacket, $13,000; Lanvin, NYC. 

IN THE JUNGLE: Sidney Garber necklace $13,825; // Etro snakeprint shoes $650; 212-317-9096 // Ileana Makri Earrings $4,565; // Roberto Coin ring $2,100;

PRETTY IN PYTHON: Nikos Koulis earrings $4,637 each; 646-339-9356 // Etienne Aigner clutch $325; 212-334-1079 // Stella McCartney pants $1,085 // Equipment sweater $298; // Ports 1961 coat $8,495;

That's it for November. I'll probably be posting the last post later today, or tomorrow beings that this project is due Monday.

XO Panda 

Amanda ❤