A Small Superbowl Sunday Spread

Super Bowl Spread

I'm not a big football fan. Angeleno's don't really have to be. We choose random teams to like for arbitrary reasons. Me, for instance. I like the Miami Dolphins just because of Dan Marino in "Ace Ventura". "Ace Ventura" isn't even on my top 50 (or possibly 100) favorite movies. I mean, there's the 49ers but they're from San Francisco. Eight hours away. There's the Raiders and nobody really likes them unless they're in a gang, or used to be, or grew up in/near Oakland. (Also eight hours away.) There's also the Chargers but hey, they don't really count. Sorry San Diego (not sorry). 4 hours. Some of us might root for the Rams because they were here back in the day so really, any team is up for grabs.

Honestly, I'm not even sure who's in the Superbowl this year. I heard it's the Seahawks, but I have no idea who the other team is. I'm getting off point here.

Just because I don't really watch football doesn't mean I won't have a Mini Superbowl party, because it's another reason to cook. If you haven't gathered that I like food by now, then I don't know what's wrong with you. So I decided to do some testing to see what I wanted to cook for the big day. It's all fairly simple  and doesn't take very much time to make, so you won't be slaving in the kitchen all day. 

Queso Fundido with Soy ChorizoFirst up, queso fundido, or melted cheese, with soy chorizo.

Preheat the oven to  425 degrees. Grate Mozzarella and jalapeno jack cheeses. (I used a small block of both) Slice a 1/8 of an onion and cook with the chorizo. When fully cooked, layer the cheeses and chorizo in a baking dish until all the ingredients are used up. Place in oven for 30 minutes or until the cheese has fully melted. Eat with tortilla chips or warm flour tortillas.

BBQ Chicken Mango SkewersBaked BBQ Chicken and Mango Mini Skewers. 

Cube one chicken breast and cover with BBQ sauce. Place in the oven to bake for 30 minutes on 350 degrees. Peel and cube a mango and refrigerate until chicken is fully cooked. Once done, place a piece of Chicken and mango on the skewers and they're ready to serve. Makes about 24 pieces. 

Jalapeno QuesadillasJalapeno Quesadillas

Quesadillas are super simple to make. You've never made them before? Seriously, what's wrong with you?! It's a cheese sandwich essentially, but with tortillas. I used wheat tortillas, Muenster cheese, slices of pickled jalapenos, you can usually find them in the ethnic food section of your grocery store. Heat on both sides until the cheese is all nice and melty. Slice into 6 pieces and chow down. 

Of course, I'll have wings and carrots/celery, but I think I'll let WingStop do that part for me. Maybe I'll bake a cake too. I don't know....

Who's the other team in the superbowl? Who are you rooting for this year? 


Amanda ❤


I wanted to skip Saturday Tunes today and show you a little Spanish tradition that I want to observe one day, and maybe even take part in. It's called 'Castell'. 

"In Catalan, the word castell means castle.

castell is considered a success when stages of its assembling and disassembling, can be done in complete succession. The assembly is complete once all castellers have climbed into their designated places, and the enxaneta climbs into place at the top and raises one hand with four fingers erect, in a gesture said to symbolize the stripes of the Catalan flag. The enxaneta then climbs down the other side of the castell, after which the remaining levels of castellers descend in highest-to-lowest order until all have reached safety.

Aside from the people who climb to form the upper parts of the tower, others are needed to form the pinya, or bottom base of thecastell, to sustain its weight. Members of the pinya (most often men) also act as a 'safety net' if the tower structure collapses, cushioning the fall of people from the upper levels. It is not uncommon—when not in competitions—for other colles to assist in the pinya when a small colla is attempting a specially demanding structure in terms of people needed.

The castell is built in two phases. First, the pinya—the base of the tower—is formed. People forming higher levels of the tower move to a position from which they can easily get to their place in the tower. This is done slowly and carefully, and as subsequent base levels are completed the castellers in the pinya determine if their base is solid enough for construction to continue. Then, when the signal to proceed is given, bands begin to play the traditional Toc de Castells music as a hush comes over spectators of the event. The upper layers of the tower are built as quickly as possible in order to put minimal strain on the lower castellers, who bear most of the weight of the castell. The disassembly of thecastell, done amidst the cheering of the crowd, is often the most treacherous stage of the event.

There is a form of the Castell, generally referred to as 'rising', in which each successive layer is added from the bottom by lifting the castell into the air, stage by stage. It is held that this form takes even more skill and strength and a great deal of practice. Four levels complete have been observed and five attempted, but it is said that the record is six or perhaps seven." 


Amanda ❤

Jolby X Gold Coast


We all know I'm a sucker for Gold Coast boards! It's the only company that I buy my boards from. I love the clean design aesthetic. I first heard of Jolby about a year or so ago and I love their fun, cheerful illustrations so I was happy to see that Jolby and Gold Coast joined together to create a pair of fun boards. The 4D and The Origin, pictured above. As much as The 4D is pretty cool, I love The Origin better, and I'm contemplating making this my next board. Even though, honestly, I probably don't need another board and the fact that I really love my Standard Orange

Anywho, I just wanted to show you this sweet little collab from Jolby X Gold Coast! 

Have a good day! 

Amanda ❤

When The Universe Conspires To Show It's Support

A couple months back I was going through the Gold Coast site to see if they had any new skateboards that I thought I might like. I saw The Shaka Tack, The Classic Bamboo and The Heavy Pile as always but then I saw it. The Standard Orange. Beautiful clean lines, perfect color combination for Summer and it had, "Gold Coast Longboards' splashed right across it. I fell in love. I wanted it, nay, I HAD to have it. Then, last Friday after finally saving enough money, (hello adult college student! Bills, bill, bills, is ever all I pay) I bought it. It was finally mine. Saturday came and all I could tell my sister was, "I can't wait until my skateboard comes in!". I was genuinely excited that it was actually mine. 

Sunday came and went and Monday I headed to school. I was kind of nervous to go to my merchandising class because the Wednesday prior, we had had our mid-terms, and to be quite frank with you, I really didn't study. Actually, I didn't even read the 2 chapters it was going to be on. *Oops* I get my mid-term back and lo and behold, I ACED that thing. I missed two questions but I ACED it nonetheless. I was ecstatic! My merchandising teacher has a class rule where, if you have an 'A' average in class and average an 'A' on all your tests, you don't have to take the final because obviously, you know the material. That's what I'm aiming for in this class. I get out of class and text my sister. "Oh yeah. Another A under my belt! Aced my mid-term". She congratulated me and then asked when I was coming home. Since my other class had been canceled, I was on my way to get something to eat, then head home. I told her in about an hour or so. 

When I finally got home, I was so excited about ace-ing (sp?) my midterm that it took me about 20 minutes to finish talking to her and put my stuff down. When I went into the living room to put my bookbag and purse on my desk, there it was. 

Gold coast standard orange

I TOTALLY wasn't even expecting it to come for another week or so. I had been checking my shipping order and it kept saying 'processing' and I hadn't even got the E-mail saying that it had shipped, but there it was! In my hands. I felt like a kid on Christmas Day again. I told my sister, "This is the universe's way of showing me that I actually deserved this. I ordered it two days ago. I wasn't expecting it to get here for another week, and it comes on the same day that I learn I aced my mid-term. The universe is telling me I'm doing a good job!" Then she told me that that same exact time that I had texted her, is the same time that the UPS guy had rang the doorbell delivering it. HA! If that's not proof, I don't know what is. Then I realized, this thing is almost as tall as I am! Who cares?! Whatever! I don't feel like I'm going to break my neck like I do when I ride my other one. It's sooo smooth. I love it! I can't wait to ride in on the highway when I'm in Mexico *Crosses Fingers*

Have you ever ridden or do you ride a skateboard? If so, what do you like about it?

Have a good Weekend! 


Amanda ❤

March Madness 2012


About 4 years ago, I started a tradition of filling out the NCAA March Madness bracket. I first filled it out in 2009 for shits and giggles while Art placed his bet. I ended up doing better than him (Dang! Too bad I didn't bet!) I've loved doing it ever since. I especially like it because this is really the only time that I watch basketball, or sports in general for that matter, on TV. In actuality, I really HATE basketball. I complain because it's on like 8 or 9 months out of the year and I just find that pretty annoying. What that also means is, I'm filling out my bracket COMPLETELY  blind. The only information that I have on teams is the ranking that's next to their name on the form. That's it. I don't know players or stats. 

Of the 16 teams that went forward yesterday, 10 of my teams were in there. I haven't checked todays scores yet, but I doubt I'll be as lucky today as I was yesterday. We'll just have to see. 

Do any of you guys go crazy for March Madness? Who's in your Final Four and who do you have going all the way? 

Amanda ❤

I heart long beach: billie jean king

I heart long beach 2

    Billie Jean King was born in Long Beach on November 22, 1943. She learned how to play tennis on the public courts. Her high school days were spent at Long Beach Poly and soon she attended college at CSU-LA. 

    She married Lawrence King in September 1965. After some controversy in their marriage, where King realized she was interested in women,  they divorced in 1987. 

    The U.S. public knows her most for her win over Bobby Riggs in 1973 in The Battle of The Sexes. Riggs had been a top player in the 30's and 40's both professionally and as an amateur. In 1973 he claimed that the woman's game was so inferior to the men's game that even he, at 55, could beat the current top female players. He challenged and defeated Margaret Court. The Riggs-King match was played at the Houston Astrodome in September of '73. King beat Riggs 6–4, 6–3, 6–3. Of that match King said, 

"I thought it would set us back 50 years if I didn't win that match. It would ruin the women's [tennis] tour and affect all women's self-esteem."

    Her tennis career includes 39 Grand Slam Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles and 20 titles at Wimbledon.

    She was one of nine players who broke away from the tennis establishment and accepted $1 contracts from tennis promoter Gladys Heldman in Houston.  The revolt led to the birth of women’s professional tennis and the formation of the Virginia Slims Tour and Women’s Tennis Association.

    In 2008 she was names Global mentor for Gender Equality by UNESCO. She has also been awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom, The nations highest civilian honor, in August 2009, presented to her by President Barack Obama. Also in 2009, she received the NCAA president's Gerald R. Ford Award recognizing her contributions to improving higher education and intercollegiate sports.  She currently serves on the boards of the Woman's Sports Foundation and the Elton John AIDS foundation. 

Billie Jean King
[Image via Google Images]

Amanda ❤

Welcome To The Gold Coast

Hey there lovelies. I bought a new skateboard the other day. I wasn't intending to, it just sort of happened. I went into the store to look at the boards. I saw this one and fell in love with it immediately. But I put it back. I wandered around the store to look at everything else but it was too late. I was smitten. I went and picked it up and brought it straight to the counter. No hesitation. I love it. It's slightly feminine yet graphic. 

2011-04-29 18.14.12

Forgive the crappy photos I just wanted to show you what it looks like. I'll take better one's later on. I love the scalloping of the grip tape on the top of the board and I absolutely can't stand how adorable the underside is. 

It's a short cruiser by Gold Coast. I've loved their boards ever since I started looking into getting a board. The first one I fell in love with was their Heavy Pile long board, soon followed by The Pier and The Sketchbook. This one is called 'The Blues'. I've been taking it everywhere. And because I'm still a little self conscious about skating in the day, I take it out during the evening and night. It's a lot looser than the one I had before but I'm finding I like it that way. It's easier to maneuver. The only thing that I'm having trouble with it that I have to get used to how much the wheels protrude out the sides. I've been kicking off only to accidentally step on the wheel and make myself fly off. It takes a little getting used to but I like it. I'm probably going to go to the beach on Wednesday (My day off) and just skate along the bike path just to get used to it.

I find that I don't like skating on the sidewalk. Too many cracks and small lines that I can feel. I rode it down the middle of the street late Saturday night and I loved it. The street feels so much more consistent but it makes my foot go numb. I'm not an expert skateboarder. I've only actually started to ride one not too long ago. Are there any people out there that skate that like the street too or do you prefer the sidewalk? Just wondering. 

I like the tag that came with the board. It says, "Travel. Skate. Discover cool things. Bring lots of film and use it". I love that! 

Hope you had a good Monday! 

XOXO Manda 

Amanda ❤

I Heart Long Beach: Setting The Record For Longest Rally Car Jump

I heart long beach 2

So I've been putting off this series because I wanted to start it out with the breaking of a world record. Precisely one year ago, Travis Pastrana broke the world record for rally car jumps. Of course this took place at Long Beach's own, Rainbow Harbor, and then he procedes to do a back flip into the marina. (which, honestly, no self-respecting LB'er would EVER do) 


XOXO Mandakinnnns

Amanda ❤

Update: Skateboard

I think I should name my skateboard so that it feels more personable when I update about it. Haha. Does that sound weird? I finally went to go buy grip tape. I was alittle stumped as to how I put it on. *Side Note* I have a tendency to over-think things. I didn't know if I should lay it down first then cut the excess off or trace out the board, cut it out and then lay it down so I called Art and he told me that it's the first way. Lay it down, then cut the excess with a box cutter. Of course he took both of my boxcutters when he moved out but luckily I have like 100 blades because my sign graphics teacher requires them. And true to my style, of course I cut myself. I didn't think I had cut myself too bad since I didn't start bleeding right away, so I continue with the rest of the board when I notice dry blood on my thumb. and it was actually it smeared across all my fingers except my pinkie. Oops! Neosporin and Band-Aids to the rescue!  DSC_2570

I ended up getting blue grip tape to match with the color of the top of my board. I cut out pieces so that it'd show through. 

I also had an interesting convo with the girl at the store. She asked if I was goofy or regular foot. I told her that I honestly didn't know. She explained it to me and I told her that both actually feel pretty comfortable but that I felt like my stronger foot would be my right one. It was funny because she saw me looking at all the hardware and the first thing she said to me was,"who's it for?". I told her how my original intentions were just to be able to cruise around but that I saw a video of Jerry Hsu and that made me want to learn how to do a few tricks. I felt like an Ollie and maybe a Kickflip would be enough. I ended up getting some soft trucks so that I could practice inside the house. I pretty much stole them. They retail about $45. I got them for $2. Yes $2. $43 dollars cheaper. Hahaha. 

DSC_2571 DSC_2572

Today I practiced a little and I managed to do a little mini Ollie. Yay! It's normal to do tricks off the tail but for some reason I'm comfortable doing them off the nose. I think I'm gonna have to break that. I don't know if it's a bad habit or what but I don't know anybody who skates that does that. Hmm, we'll see. 

Happy Saturday. I'll be back tomorrow for another post! 

Amanda ❤

Hello Jerry Hsu

So I mentioned in a previous post that I was learning how to ride a skateboard and that I already bought a board. Boards are usually attributed to skaters so the particular board I bought was Jerry Hsu's. I had never heard of him before so of course when I got home I had to youtube him. Lemme see what this guy's about. And what I saw, I liked. My original plan for learning how to skate was just to cruise around on it. I didn't want to learn tricks cos I'll bust my face open and I can't have that. ;)   But after looking at his video I kinda wavered on that intention. Now I think I want to learn how to do tricks. Nothing crazy though. Just maybe an Ollie and  a couple of kickflips. Once I get those down, and I feel comfortable, we'll see. So here's the video that I saw. It's some of his parts in Enjoi's 'Bag Of Suck'.



Amanda ❤