Beach Babes Guide Instagram Challenge

Hey Babes!

I know its been a while but I thought I would come back with something a little fun for the summer.  

Every summer I come up with a Summer. Do. List. All the things that I want to do over the summer. Some of them are small like, go out for sushi. Some are bigger, like go scuba diving. Well, I thought it would be fun to issue some sort of Summer instagram challenge.

 I thought a little bit about each of these and came to a conclusion. Most Instagram photo challenges are about capturing small moments. All of the items for this challenge have to be intentional, or pure luck to be in the same place.

You have to go out of your way to make these things happen, but most of all, they're helping you create memories this summer. The purpose of this challenge is NOT to capture the small moments. The purpose of this challenge is to get you out while you're having fun and creating memories.   

Most of these activities have to be planned. 

Having tacos at a new Mexican restaurant that has live mariachi's? Buck up the courage to ask for a sombrero to take a picture with. 

If you're one of my babes with anxiety, some of these are meant for you to get out of your head. 

25 year old on a coin operated machine outside a grocery store? Are people judging you? Maybe, but are you having fun? THAT'S what matters most.

The Deets:

  • The challenge lasts the WHOLE summer. 
  • If you decide to participate, please use the hash tag #BBGSummerFun
  • I want to see your photos and will be tagging mine the same way. 

The Challenges:

  • On a spiral slide
  • Wearing a sombrero
  • Jumping in the air
  • Wearing Mickey Mouse ears
  • In a fun house mirror
  • Playing mini golf
  • In a blow up kiddie pool
  • In a ball pit
  • Roasting marshmallows around a bonfire
  • Doing a handstand
  • Flying kites
  • In a Jacuzzi
  • On an amusement park ride
  • Smiley face bacon and eggs breakfast
  • With an Elvis impersonator
  • Sharing a milkshake
  • At the batting cages
  • At an ice cream truck
  • Underwater
  • On a coin operated ride
  • Bday at a restaurant with employees singing
  • Wrapped in a flag
  • Running through sprinklers
  • At a giant slot machine
  • Wearing novelty sunglasses
  • Hitting a piñata
  • Drinking coke from a glass bottle with a straw 

There you have it. Challenge issued. Will you participate?

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Love ya!


Amanda ❤

20 New Things To Do In 2016

I'm sure all of you know that one of the biggest motives behind Beach Babes Guide is to do things that push me outside my comfort zone. That sometimes my anxiety can get the best of me, and that I'm determined to not let it rule my life. Ever since I decided to use 'PUSH' as my One Little Word for 2014, it's been the one thing that I've tried to make sure that I do at least every month. So I decided to come up with a list of 20 new things to do in 2016. 

New-Things-2016-Bucket -List-items1. Visit Watts Towers

2. Go to a drag show

3. Hike to the Hollywood sign

4. Go whale watching

5. Take a pole/burlesque class

6. Take a road trip

7. Go scuba diving

8. Try out for the swim team

9. Get my license

10. Start a business

11. Pay off debt

12. Read 16 new books

13. Grow my blog's following by 25%

14. Get a new tattoo

15. Apply to Uni and start the transfer process

16. Take more videos and start a Youtube channel

17. Visit a new to me state

18. Get my palm read or a tarot card reading

19. Go paintballing

20. Sing karaoke

I've chosen 20 things from my bucket list which I feel I can accomplish this year. If I get more than 20 done, yay me I'm awesome! If I don't, hey no worries! I'm still marking things off, right?! If you follow me on Instagram (go ahead and click that button over on the right) you'll see that for each New Thing that I accomplish, I hashtag it with #XOPNewThings16 #BBGNewThings16.  Go ahead and use the same hashtag because I definitely want to see some of the things that you're accomplishing on your lists! 

What are some of the things that you have on your bucket list? What's one thing you can mark off your list this month? 


Amanda ❤

Frank and Kit: #28 IWMM

Geocache Name: IWMM 

Frank-and-Kit--IWMMI've only recently gotten back into geocaching while trying to explain it to CHPG. I realized that I hadn't gone during the summer so I opened up the app to see if there had been any additions to my area. Of course there were. DUH! 

I was walking home from the market on the day that I checked and found this a mere two blocks from where I was. Once I read the description I automatically knew where it was at. If you've ever been geocaching before, you know that ANYTHING can be a cache so it took a moment for me to realize what it was. 

There were a few muggles hanging outside in the back of the barber college and another on his cell peeking around to see what I was doing. Don't worry about me guy, just go away! Luckily I had my DSLR and just pretended to take pictures until he went away. Finally! I made the grab, signed the log and then as quickly and as discreetly as I could, put it back. 

Am I the only one who feels like a spy when retrieving and replacing caches? Yes? Okay. 

Turns out, this cache belongs to a fellow 'bux partner. HA! 


Amanda ❤

Living Outside My Comfort Zone

We all know what a comfort zone is. That place or situation where you feel at ease or not stressed. That place where we all just get a little too comfortable being in. Rarely do we purposely choose to set foot in that territory and it's certainly understandable. It's scary. We don't know what's going to happen outside that box we've set up for ourselves. But it's something that I've been conciously doing in 2014. It's something that I want to continue to do in 2015. 

Getting-Outside-Your-Comfort-ZoneThis is why I decided to stick with 'Push' as my One Little Word. 

Consciously trying to expand my comfort zone is a pill that's hard to swallow but knowing thats what I'm trying to do keeps it at the forefront of my head when it comes to situations. 

It's situations like going up to a 6'2" army veteran, when I'm only 5'2" to tell him that I think he's handsome, is definitely terrifying. I wasn't intimidated by him or his size, but rather the simple act of exposing myself and my feelings to a complete stranger with no idea of how it would turn out that terrified me. 

I hate being vulnerable, but it's those times where I would normally repress those feelings, suck up my tears, and keep my thoughts and opinions to myself and keep going, that I think to myself, "You're in your comfort zone. Don't do what you would normally do. DO THE OPPOSITE!" and I can say that each situation has turned out for the better.  Even writing this post is pushing me outside of my comfort zone. It's personal. I tend to not do personal on XO Panda but I believe it has a connection with the direction in which I want to take XO Panda, so here we are. 

If you want a tip on how to grow your comfort zone, keep this one thing at the forefront in all situations: Ask yourself what you would normally do in that particular situation. Then think of a way that you can change that. 

Yes it's scary and you don't know how it's going to turn out, but why live comfortably all the time? 

In a way, it's a small form of adventure. 

The exploration of unknown territory. 


Amanda ❤

#27 Queens Bridge

It's a new year and I'm back guys! 

Cache Name: Queen's Bridge


I actually found this cache a little over a year ago and realized yesterday that I hadn't blogged about it, so here we are. Around this time I had a goal of walking 50 miles for the month. (We now know that's an easy feat.) I was on my regular route when I thought that the view from the top of one of the bridges would make an excellent place to hide a cache. Lo and behold someone else thought the same thing and had already beat me to the punch. 

It was a quick find. This place is usually devoid of muggles even mid-morning, and even if there are a few, it doesn't take much to wait them out. I almost dropped it down in the the abyss but luckily didn't. 

I signed the log, left one of my GC cards, and then headed on my way. 




Amanda ❤

Panda Walks 10K a Day for 30 Days

Well, I've done it! I've marked another another item off of my Spirit of Adventure list. It was a small one but regardless.

Veni. Vidi. Vici. 

10K a day for 30 days

I've always known that I walk a lot. I like to walk. It doesn't hurt either that I live in Downtown Long Beach where everything I need is pretty much accessible when  I need it. I walk wherever I need to go most of the time. Including work. 

I was built to walk, thank you Neanderthal ancestors. I can easily walk 10 miles before I even realize that I should probably take a rest. I like meandering around the city and that usually involves walking as well. 

Let's get back to the point though. I've always known that I walked a lot but I never knew exactly how much. So when CHPG showed me that he had a pedometer on his phone to track his steps I was like, "You know what? I should get one too and track my steps for a month. I mean, it IS on my list of things anyway." That's the conversation I had in my head about it.

I started November 20th and there were only two days were I didn't meet my goal of walking 10K steps, so I added two more days and just accomplished my feat yesterday. 

I did the math last night and it's some astounding stuff. In 32 days I've walked a total of 646,582 steps, or an equivalent of 153.03 miles. I told you it was astounding! On average I walked a little over 5 miles a day. Now when I say that I'm tired or that my feet hurt, there's legitimate proof as to why! Hahaha. 

So there's another one down in the books. I'm already working on my next SOA goal and it's one that's going to definitely piss my dad off, but oh well! Ha! 

Have you been able to mark something off of your bucket list recently?Something big? Something small? Let me know about them in the comments. I'd love to hear about yours!


Amanda ❤

12 Acts of Service in 2015

About 4 years ago I read a now defunt blog where the author talked about learning the order of her 5 love languages. Being the quintessential Leo I clicked over and soon learned mine.

12 Acts of Service for 2015

Turns out I'm an 'Acts of Service' girl which means that I like doing things for people. Doing things for people out of love and not obligation makes me feel good. It's the language where actions speak louder than words and what I respond to. 

So for 2015 I wanted to commit deliberate acts of service. Something that would benefit another person. I didn't want to just leave money somewhere like at a vending machine or at the dollar store. That just seems like an easy cop-out and only one of these is actually on my Spirit of Adventure list.

  1. Donate blood
  2. Bring food for everyone at work
  3. Donate toiletries to Long Beach Rescue Mission
  4. Beach clean-up one weekend
  5. Serve food at Long Beach Rescue Mission
  6. Help build a home with Habitat for Humanity
  7. Buy someone a meal/coffee
  8. Send someone a surprise package
  9. Volunteer to read to kids at the Library
  10. Give sincere compliments
  11. Write a good review for an employee
  12. Volunteer at an animal shelter

I figure one a month is a good way to start and if I can do more, I might. Between school, work, life, and I'm assuming, waiting periods, 12 sounds like a good number. 

You should definitely take the test and find out what order your love languages fall in, and if you have a partner, have them take it too. You'll definitely understand yourselves better! 


Amanda ❤

Panda Visits The Los Angeles Zoo

SoA--Go-to-the-zooYou guys, I did it! I finally went to the zoo. Well, I should say a friend and I went to the zoo. If you didn't know, I had never been to the zoo before this and it was both fascinating and sad. Fascinating because there would be no other way to say that I'm standing 50ft away from a zebra, without spending hundreds of dollars and traveling for more than 17 hours. The same goes true for most of the other animals there as well. The sad part was seeing them all in their cages. Vultures who would normally soar high in the sky confined to a cage that wasn't even big enough to fly from one end to the other.  Loud, crying kids, and bees flying all over the place wasn't their natural habitat. The Siamang was what really got me. He was just holding onto the front fence looking at people directly in the eye. I just wanted to free him/her but there would be no better place for it in this city than the zoo.  He just looked so resigned. 

I did take photos but most of them are of animals in the larger habitats that didn't have chain link fences obstructing the views. 






It was a SUPER hot day and most of the animals were just trying to find some respite in the shade, so I didn't blame them for hiding out most of the time. Though I do have to say that I love that I got to see Flamingos. I have a thing about birds, as in, I hate them. Except flamingos. Also as a reminder, teeth baring with primates is considered a hostile act for them. 

Amanda ❤

Summer. Do. 2014

Summer-Do-2014Here's my annual Summer. Do. list.  

This year with a new job and being in school for practically the whole year, I'm keeping it simple with the things that I know that I want to make time for. Movies at the beach is a MUST! I went to the Tiki Festival for the first time last year and I definitely want to do it again this year. Maybe Catalina for my birthday again? Geocaching is my summer tradition, and I really want to make it out to the Santa Monica Pier at least once and hang out at the arcade and ride the rollercoaster. If I don't go to Catalina, maybe I'll do that for my birthday. Also I intend on eating lots of sushi, making boozy adult popsicles and hopefully getting myself into a pool of some sorts. No one I know has a pool. I need to change that. 

There's also going to be a new summer festival in Long Beach called the Love Long Beach Festival. That weekend is looking pretty spectacular. I just might have to ask for those two days off to attend, because yes, I do love Long Beach. 

What are your plans for the summer? Anything fun and exciting? Do tell! 

Amanda ❤

Panda Visits The Natural History Museum

Last Saturday I got out of class early and thankfully realized that I didn't have anything to do that day except go home, lay in bed and watch Netflix for the rest of the day. So instead, I decided to go to the Exposition Park Rose Garden for some inspiration. It's actually my favorite place. It's a veritable joy to be there, for me. The beautiful roses, the aroma, I love it. 

Exposition Park Rose Garden

While I was there, I decided to go visit the Natural History Museum. If it looks familiar to you, it's because the side is also known as 'The Jeffersonian' on 'Bones'. 

Los Angeles Natural History MuseumI'd never actually been there so it was a pretty cool little day trip. 

T-Rex and Tricerotops


Tricerotops SkullSo while in the Dinosaur exhibit, I came to the conclusion that the only reason I would probably be afraid of the T-Rex is because it would be trying to eat me, but what would have definitely scared me on pure sight would be this Triceratops (on left). I don't have anything to compare it to but the skull alone was easily the size of a SMART car. The entire car. So I can only imagine how big the rest of it would have been. 

American BuffaloSomebody at the museum has a sense of humor. While in the North American Animal exhibit, I saw this vignette of the American Buffalo and had to laugh. It's like the buffalo is looking at the skull as if to say, "Sucks to be you". LOL! 

4644 Carat TopazThen there's this. While in the Gem and Mineral exhibit I saw this GINORMOUS, beautiful blue topaz. 4,644 carats. It's literally the size of a mini pound cake. 

All in all, it was a pretty good way to spend the day instead of laying in bed watching Netflix. I relaxed a bit, got some inspiration and it gave me a fresh start.

Amanda ❤