Things I Love

Tuesday's Favorite Things

Who ever said this kind of post HAD to be made on Friday's? Here's what's caught my eye in the last week or so. 

  1. The preview for 'Iron Man 3'. I LOVE Iron Man. Like, seriously! I LOVE the fact that Tony Stark is an arrogant bastard!  
  2. The preview for Star Trek Into Darkness. As a matter of fact, I'm watching the first one right now.     NERDGASM for these two movies! 
  3. The only reason I watched the Superbowl was for Beyonce. It was awwwwwwesoooome! After that, I just turned it off.

Beyonce at the superbowl

    4. I hear something along the lines of this at work all the time, "We're in America, our language is English. I shouldn't have to 'press 1 for English.' That's unpatriotic. Are you not American? Are you not a patriot?" Among some other very ignorant statements, so I was pleased when I heard when President Obama said this. Maybe it's because my great-grandmother was full Indian and I understand they were invaded and it pisses me off when I hear stuff like that. 

Obama on being a nation of immigrants

    5. The soldier who wheeled himself into a press conference after successfully having hand implants. Full Story

    6. I've got my copy already but the new Local Natives album, Hummingbird, is streaming for a couple more days for free, on Soundcloud. I first heard it over there and listened to it three times in a row before buying it. SO GOOD! No sophomore slump here. You & I, favorite song so far. 

Amanda ❤

87 Things I Love About Summer

 I have a love/hate relationship with Summer. I love it because the days are longer but I don't, simply because I get sick if it gets too hot. So here's my list of things that I do love about summer. This is a mix of things that I presently enjoy and things that I enjoyed as a kid.


  1. My birthday
  2. Baseball games
  3. Visiting with family
  4. Indé
  5. Fireworks
  6. Barbecues
  7. Pool time
  8. Beach volleyball
  9. Slurpees/Icees
  10. Moonlight movies at the beach
  11. Longer days
  12. Jell-o
  13. Summer playlists
  14. Shorts
  15. Sandals/flip-flops
  16. Riding bikes
  17. Going to the beach
  18. Picnics
  19. Naps at the park
  20. Hiking
  21. Pageant of the masters
  22. Going barefoot
  23. Water balloon fights
  24. Carnivals
  25. Flying kites


  1. Airplane rides
  2. Jumping on giant trampolines
  3. Sleeping underneath the stars
  4. Mandated cleaning shifts at La palestina
  5. Ponchos
  6. Surf-N-Skate
  7. Street food
  8. Black tea with apple juice and lemonade
  9. Party poppers
  10. Board game nights
  11. Summer flings
  12. Aunts who turn their cheek when they know we've got some Squirt in our tequila. (*wink*)
  13. Discada
  14. Home made tortillas 
  15. Swings
  16. Making a haunted house in the side house
  17. La bufa
  18. Cerro blanco
  19. Riding in the backs of trucks 
  20. Pet rabbits
  21. Late night trips to Santa Maria del Oro
  22. Teriyaki burgers
  23. Dancing to banda music
  24. Crashing weddings and quinceaneras
  25. Mangoneadas

Nancy chete silvestre me

  1. Trips to the potrero
  2. Warm rain 
  3. S'mores
  4. Super Mario 
  5. Jump rope
  6. Sun kissed skin
  7. Braided hair
  8. Cracking pecans
  9. Eating pomegranates
  10. Colorful nailpolish
  11. Taking pictures with film
  12. Finding shells
  13. Warm nights
  14. Pretty bathing suits
  15. Sing-alongs
  16. Pretty pooches
  17. Swinging in hammocks
  18. Fresh fruit water
  19. Listening to 'Hotel California' on repeat
  20. Riding horses
  21. Making Limeade
  22. My grandma whistling to her birds in the morning. 
  23. Getting bit by mosquitos (NOT!)
  24. Dancing the macarena
  25. Getting pilot's wings from Delta


  1. Fighting over the key-tar
  2. Frozen chocolate dipped bananas
  3. Naps in the grass
  4. Beach bowling 
  5. Rice Crispy treats
  6. Drinking coconut water from an actual coconut
  7. Eating figs
  8. Brinca tu Burro
  9. Summer Storms
  10. Water parks
  11. Choco-milk
  12. Making new friends
Amanda ❤

Thing I Love: Remember JT

Back in August, 30 Americans died when their chinook helicopter was shot down in Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Of those 30 Americans, 22 of them were Navy SEALs from the same unit that killed Osama Bin Laden. It was the largest loss of life in a single day, according to news reports. But out of this catastrophe came a heartwarming story about a SEAL and his dog. 


With that in mind, I headed to the interwebs to find out more. Usually when something like this happens, family members make items to sell to help pay for funeral costs so when I found out that Tumilsons family had decided to do this as well, I bought one. 



I know there are countless other people who have died in this war but if there's anyway to help support a military family, I encourage you to do so. Whether it's buying items like these, which usually don't cost that much (maybe $25 at the most), helping at a USO, sending letters and packages to deployed service men/woman or volunteering at the VA hospital. With this war going on 10 years, it's more than likely that you may know someone affected by it and you may not realize it, but every little bit of it helps. 

Amanda ❤

Things I Love: Thursday

1. Fresh & Easy neighborhood markets. I've loved this grocery store for years and they finally opened one in Downtown Long Beach. I've been waiting 9 months for it to open. Now I can walk there. Yay! 

2. Anderson Cooper and his new show, Anderson. I've loved him ever since he was the host of 'The Mole'. 

3. Spacesuit. Another band I found via They're a christian rock group, but I like their music. Listen to their album on the Spacesuit Bandcamp Page

4. The Joan of Arctic boots from the Free People September Catalog. I think I might need a pair of these for winter when I go to Mexico. 


5. The fact that 'The Lion King' is being rereleased in theaters TOMORROW for two weeks only! Who cares that it's in 3D?! THIS IS MY CHANCE TO WATCH IT AGAIN IN MOVIE THEATERS!!! Can you tell I'm excited. Tomorrow is my day off too so I WILL be there and I WILL be singing. 

Amanda ❤

Hearting Street Art

I've never been one for liking street art. It used to bother me, the whole aspect of defacing OPP (Other People's Property, for you non-hood folks. Haha) That is, until I saw the Banksy Documentary, Exit Through The Gift Shop. If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest that you do. Now,  I find myself loving it. The random names and stenciled images. Since the move to Downtown Long Beach, I've noticed one person in particular. I have the tendency to call street artists by the male sex even though I know very well know that they might be female. 

Now, I'm not entirely sure if it says 'SHIT' or 'SHIF' but either way, I love that it has something positive to say. 

I was at school yesterday, and while walking back from buying a new screen, Yoli spotted this JigglyPuff stencil. Who DOESN'T love a cute Pokemon?  Don't lie to yourself either! You know you have a favorite. I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours. 


IN OTHER NEWS:// This coming weekend is the Long Beach Grand Prix. I've already started noticing the inundation of people. 

Amanda ❤

Things I Love

Here's another edition of the Things I Love series. 

1. Doctor's who tell you to eat ice cream.

2. JWOWW from 'Jersey Shore'. I hadn't seen any of the shows until last night and I seem to LOVE jwoww. She's tough and I like that.



3. This song from White Sea off of the 'This Frontier EP'. I've had it on repeat all day today and was singing it to myself while at work. Expect this on one of the summer mixtapes. 


4. These map pillows. I want some in my new apartment. 

5. This image rings true to my own alarm set up.  Very sad.

6. The Hooded Maxi Dress from Free People

Picture 1
7. I thought this was pretty cool. Listen to Los Angeles,New YorkSan Francisco and Montreal.

8. 'Exit Through The Gift Shop'. I finally got around to watching it and it's pretty good. Kinda made me wish I was a street artist. But not really with the running from the cops and potential jail time and all. 

9. Unexpected gifts of friendship bracelets. 

10. The entire screenprinting process. Excessive amounts of tape and all.


[If you know any of the original sources please let me know so I can give credit.]

Amanda ❤