Outfit Post

Outfit Post: Sweatpants

"Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you went and bought some sweatpants." -Karl Lagerfeld

For YEARS I lived by this Karl Lagerfeld quote when it came to sweatpants. Friends and family knew that I absolutely detested sweatpants. They knew my stance on them. I never wore them and refused to ever buy a pair. Then a couple of weeks ago, I slept over a friends house and they let me borrow some sweatpants to sleep in to my dismay. 

Ever since, I've slowly been losing control of my life. *sigh* 

Yesterday, I completely lost it and bought a pair. It's been raining for the last couple of days and I kept seeing people at school looking warm and cozy in their sweatpants which, to be honest, helped persuade me even further. I wanted to be cozy too, dammit! 

All I can say is that I feel conflicted and that I had to commemorate the event with an outfit post...and that I'm still wearing them as I type this. LOL!



Jacket: Ross

Plaid buttonfront: Ross

Grey T-shirt: Urban Outfitters

Sweatpants: Target

Shoes: Converse

Amanda ❤

Outfit Post: Pre 4th of July


While everybody is out barbecuing, and picnicking it up today, I'll be at work making a boatload of venti caramel/ vanilla bean/ green tea frappaccinos with extra caramel for the masses. This is the outfit I wore yesterday to school and hang out with my dad. I really need to get comfortable with taking outfit photos outside. Until then take a peek at a corner of my living room any who: hope everyone has a great holiday and stay safe!

Outfit details:

Panama hat: Panama Jack

Blazer: Forever 21

Shirt: Old Navy

Shorts: Levi's

Sandals: Montego Bay

Amanda ❤

Outfit Post: Lace & Skulls

Let's be honest, when you work from home, you really don't care what you're wearing, as long as it's semi-decent. The other day I threw this on and realized, it kind of made a cute outfit, so a few *snaps* later, and an outfit post is born. 

Lace and Skulls

Lace shorts (similar) & skull tank top(similar): Zizibeh

Black cami: Forever 21

Amanda ❤

Outfit Post: LivinElay

The other day I had to run errands quickly before work, so I grabbed a quick Iced white chocolate latte with almond milk. I'm pretty much a T-shirt and Jeans kind of gal during the spring and summer, so that's why there's been a lack of outfit posts recently, but I think I'll try and make more of an effort this year. I can't promise anything though. 


Shirt: LivinElay
Shorts: Old Navy cut-offs
Amanda ❤

Outfit Post: Chief Skull

Chief Skull
So the day I took this, it was super foggy and apparently the camera wasn't able to focus like normal but either way, I still like the way it came out. I found a spot a school where I can take my outfit photos without feeling super embarrassed about taking photos of myself. That's one of the biggest problems I have when it comes to taking my outfit photos. I always feel like people who look at me are thinking, "Wow, she's such a loser she doesn't even have a friend to take her photo for her?" HAHAHA! I really need to stop overthinking certain things. 


Blazer: Forever 21
Tank: Zizibeh
Shorts: Zizibeh
Shoes: Airwalk
Amanda ❤

Outfit Post: An Animated Weekend

I can't figure out why this photo makes my legs look tiny, but I swear to you, I'm proportionate! 
Speaking of swearing, were any of not allowed to watch 'The Simpsons' growing up? I remember my mom would never let me watch them and I don't think I actually started watching it until I was in high school. Turns out, the same thing is true of a lot of my friends. Our moms thought that the show was too crude and not suitable for children. 
Sunglasses: Polaroid
Necklace: gift from my grandmother
Shirt: Wal-mart
Pants: Ross
Shoes: Airwalk
Purse: Jessica Simpson
Amanda ❤

Outfit Post: Shades of Gray at the Lavanderia


My sister and I share a small apartment. Two of these washers would take up most of the bathroom so we definitely have no room for a washer and dryer of our own. 


Cardigan: Zizibeh
Top: Petticoat Alley
Leggings: Lovely Day
Slippers: American Eagle Outfitters
Sunglasses: C/O Sweets and Hearts and Polaroid 
XO Panda
[pea.ess: This is actually my first outfit post on Lookbook!] 
Amanda ❤